Saturday, January 15, 2011

open house at the studio

had an open house at the studio this afternoon for the folks who have been asking about how it turned out. and pam & nancy came over to make art. sometimes being a ski widow is OK.

so in addition to having company, i got to make art. here's the valentine for aids piece so far. the heart is heavy soft gel & will dry clear.

here's a 6x6 that i started today. the dictionary page has crazy on it- demented, insane, mad, lunatic are part of the definition & are embedded in the heart, which is glass bead gel and will dry clear.

this is one of the marker drawings i did a few weeks ago. the spray varnish seems to have helped control the running when i put gel medium over it. i need to not mess with it any more. this should be done. 

this is the start of another photo based mixed media piece. we'll see how far i can push the mixed media photo stuff in the gallery. there are only 5 photographers allowed to be juried in at one time. so i can't hang/sell photos. thus the question about the rose hip piece. i had a photographer and a gallery member (2 different people) there today both of whom thought i should call it mixed media & hang it.

we'll see :) this was a bw photo colored with markers. i am building a frame with paper & crackle paste.

pam, nancy (chewing, sorry nancy!) and patty working away. lynn is in the corner behind me. the little studio holds a few women- it's a good thing :)

here's the table after everyone left. the piece on the right is an 11x14 that i had painted red, but added the paper to today.

fun day! nice to get to know lynn better. click the link to visit her blog. lynn does beautiful horse sculptures and is really generous sharing her technique. and we share a love of music, which was fun to discover.

tomorrow is hiking, packing, some work & preparing for next week's travel. football w/hub, maybe a bit of art. you'll know if that happens :)


becky said...

How fun to have a place of your own to create & have girl time! The glass bead gel & crackle past look like fun. Hopefully I'll be creating again soon, but until then, I get to live vicariously thru you!

Pam McKnight said...

It was great fun, thanks for hosting and thanks for the link to Lynn's blog.

Lynn A. Fraley said...

It was so much fun to drop by and hang out with you all, thanks! Loved seeing everyone's projects evolve through the afternoon, great work.