Sunday, January 9, 2011

i'm baaaaack- briefly-

let's see- emerging artist show opening thursday evening went really was well attended by the artists & their guests, which fulfilled one of the show's goals of getting new people into the gallery. we were also thanked by a few artists for having the show & giving them the courage to put their art out there, which was wonderful. the winners were very excited, and one of them even sold a piece! calling it a success.

friday the desktop died- one week out of warrnaty. i am convinced that when i didn't say "yes hewlett packard, i would love to pay for an extended warranty!" they blew up the hard drive. off to best buy & the geek squad who have evidently been able to save most of the data from the fried drive & who installed a new one- a terrabyte, which should hold plenty of music & photos. luckily, friday was also girl's night out- italian theme at pam's- much fun & laughter.

frosty hike saturday am, then to tully's coffee to hang artwork, then patty & i went to fairfield to meet the guys after their day of skiing. live music & good food (and wine) in the local brew pub.

home today, studio time this afternoon. pam & nancy stopped by, as did vicky & margie. since i have no desktop i didn't get these scanned in. hopefully tomorrow. in the meantime- i did get the paper off of this & painted the edges. trying to figure out if i can slide it into the gallery. i didn't jury in as a photographer, and those spots are very limited. can i call it mixed media since it's on glass bead gel & has paint on it? (well, of course i can- but will anyone buy it?)

this is now tolerable. i took anne's suggestion of adding some dark at the bottom and pam's of glazing the rose hip to bring it out some and my own idea of modeling paste through a stencil on top and i don't hate it as much.

every year a local coffee shop does a valentine's for aids auction. it's invitation only, and i finally found out how to get on the wait list last year. pam & i both got invites this year. below is the beginning of the piece. i was thinking of doing a heart in glass bead gel or heavy soft gel over the rose & the arrow. we'll see if i still think that's a good idea when it dries :) i wanted girlier lace, but didn't have any in the house (shock!) maybe a doily.....

tomorrow night is a bosco meeting, and we'll see how the open studios group will shape up next year- and whether i am still involved.

phoenix (warm, sunny phoenix) wed & thurs- another busy week! i'll try to keep up the posts, but if not, have a good one!


Barb said...

I love the rose hips one - let's call it done! You are too busy. I'm tired just reading your schedule. Have fun in the sun!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I see no reason why someone would not buy the top piece--with the glass beads and painted edge it is just gorgeous and yes, it IS mixed media!
Really like the stencil you used on the top of the rose hip piece---seems to cap it off.
And warm weather for two days? >:-(
I'll still be freezing, but start my class tomorrow so guess I can't grump too much!
Have a great trip.


Postcards from Wildwood said...

Happy New Year, Marianne. Hope you had a good Christmas and see you are now well back into the swing of work and will be flying to Phoenix.

I love the rosehip piece too. It has a very wintery quality to it - the glass bead gel medium lends an icy feel to it.

Have a good trip - enjoy the sunshine and palm trees!
Janice. x