Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a few other things

since i got the laser printer i am trying some different transfer techniques. this one is on glass gel bead medium. i still need to peel paper off (the worse effing part of this technique), but it does give beautiful clear results.

here's the progress on this one-

here's where this is now- i will get a better photo, the color is a bit off- but i think it's done. and- i like it! :) 20 inches to go for february........

tomorrow night is the emerging artist show opening at the art source. so strange to be the one hosting & helping to hand out prizes- i remember walking in the first time i was accepted in a juried show & being amazed that my art was actually selected to hang with the quality of art of the rest of the show. i met so many kind people who were so encouraging and i hope that i can provide the same service to some of these artists.

question: is it kinder to accept an artist whose work is clearly not at the level of the other participants (in an emerging show) or is it kinder to gently tell them to keep working & try again? curious to hear what you think-


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Okay, answer to last question first:
I honestly believe if the comment to the artist is done in a positive way, and gives them suggestions on how to improve, that declining hanging them until they are ready is better for them. Otherwise the level of work they are at tends to stay. It has been *accepted*.
I always hated shows that did not accept a piece of work but no critique to give me a clue (maybe it wasn't their style, didn't really fit the theme, etc).
Shows I didn't make it into WITH a critique always at least let me know what the judge was thinking. I might not agree, but I knew where I stood.
LOVE that top photo!!! OMG!!!
Okay--have to run---roofers today!


becky said...

I love the top one, it feels so wintery. Well, actually, I love the next one, too... especially the warmth of color in the second. You're having too much fun!

Barb said...

I love the effect of the first transfer with the effing paper! I think for the integrity of the show, the emerging artists need accurate but encouraging feedback.

Judy Wood said...

Well darn you anyway. Now I might have to go out and buy some glass bead gel medium. That is way too good an effect!

I'm with the others on the "not yet up to standard" aspiring artist. In the long run, it is kinder not to give them a false idea of where they are at. If they are in this for the long haul, they will keep working and improving and will eventually earn their way into a show. I also am online with making positive suggestions on what areas they need to work on, so they don't feel totally dismissed.