Monday, January 24, 2011

back to the drawing board

i gave up! it felt too messy, too forced and the more i did the worse it got (no surprise there). sometimes i thought the rose was ok, sometimes i hated it. the heart was supposed to be clear. the gel didn't set right. ICK!

on to a new home.....

then i realized that maybe i could salvage something- and i was curious- so i got out the exacto & pried the key out, then cut the heart off and peeled off parts for inclusion in future collages. notice that not much stuck to the nasty cheap canvas, not even paint.

i started a few more 6x6 canvasses. the valentine is due saturday, so i have time to finish another. i am kind of stuck on the "be my valentine" theme, so i'll try again. more to come on that.

this is the tree transfer i did last night. i like it, tho i was hoping that the caulk would dry clear so that the bottom layer was more visible. it isn't bad, but the glass bead gel doesn't show up as much as i would have hoped. oh well, live & learn!

marketing meeting for the gallery tomorrow night, work dinner wed night, husband time thursday night- back in the studio friday- tho i may try to sneak a little time in here & there on the valentine- like putting another heart stencil down &and bringing in the house to dry), that sort of thing.

good night!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I really ♥LUV♥ that tree.....I like everything going on with it!
As to the cheap canvas--I have found that when I have been forced to use one (usually when I have to donate something to something I can't get out of...) that the Demco gesso gives a good ground for the paint. I don't know WHAT they use on those; wall paint, cooking spray, take a guess, but it's NOT gesso!
Maybe if you sand it a bit and regesso you can use it for another donation......


becky said...

I'm so glad you pulled that out of the trash!! I was like "eeeeek!" Who knows what marvelous art may come of it! I love the tree transfer. I start one of my ceramics classes today, finally & YAY! Can't wait to get creative again!

Barb said...

That tree - caught between calm repose and passion - by the way, haven't I told you: Live and Learn!

Diane said...

OMG....That tree is gorgeous! I love the turquoise color at the bottom with all that texture. Beautiful, Marianne!

marianne said...

anne & becky- exacto thru the canvas, but parts were salvaged. will have to look up demco gesso-

barb- lovely way to describe the tree, thanks- and yes, i DID think of you on the live & learn!

diane- thank you so much! i love what you do w/ photos and it is nice to have you think my work is beautiful too!