Tuesday, January 4, 2011

art night!

first, my favorite photo from last night (thanks to betty rodgers)

nancy came over tonight for studio time. it was great to see her- it's been a while. we've both signed up for the same print exchange. it isn't due til mid march (which will most certainly be here before anyone knows it) and she's already getting started. i'd call her names, but i like her too much :)

i started this at the demo last night. it's a 16x20 canvas. i think i have to make the zebra into a chinese horse, b/c the rest of it looks very oriental. i really like the black shapes & bronze paint, which isn't good, because as barb knows they most certainly will disappear before i'm done. (barb- they laughed when i told 'em that last night!)

i've added some more red paint. i think i need a dragon curling up around the left side & back to the middle. which may mean (shudder) drawing. then again, maybe i have dancing figures- this is what i love about putting these things on the blog & getting a remove from them. we'll see where it goes.

these 3 may be done. i added tar gel to thorny- the first one on the left- to add texture to the thorns. the one standing up i really want to like, but just don't. i don't think that continuing to work on it is going to help, tho, and both steve & nancy think it's ok & someone will like it. i'll let it hang around & see if anything else occurs, but think i should stop.

the one laying down i forgot to shoot as i was working on. damnit! a great thing happened last night when someone said "it looks like a crow flying over an ancient continent" (or something like that) and someone else said "as the crow flies"- they saw what i saw in the unfinished piece. tonight i added a glaze of titan white & used the alcohol technique. then i rubbed alot of that off to bring the color back out and finished with a thick goopy layer of matte gel medium. fingers crossed.

tomorrow night, the christmas decorations come down & i visit with my husband! hasta-


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Do you have any of the mica gels? On the piece usinf the floor joist, a bit of interference paint in the area around the image, or mica gel smooshed into the join of the top and bottom would really set it off. Or jus use a dark color on the fingers and *dirty-up* the top and bottom---not much.
I think all it needs is a little more contrast.....
Love seeing all the pics!


Pam McKnight said...

looks great, wow, you have been busy!...with the hubby and child now gone, I should have time to make art with you. Glad your demo went well and sorry I couldn't be there to support you.

Barb said...

Oh - so glad you remembered to add about change. Your process never fails to amaze me, Marianne. Sometimes, I just want you to be finished, but then I let that go when I see the next layer. That horse (zebra) does look oriental because of its big behind. Do add the dragon - I'd love to see where that goes...