Tuesday, January 11, 2011

and she's off!

it's been a week! cranking back up at work, still no desktop (best buy called yesterday to tell me it's taking so long b/c they're trying to extract all of the data from the failed drive and they have never seen one with so many photos on it. i think i better go through things when i get it back. and find the terabyte external hard drive & use it.

open studios group meeting last night. the current pres sent out an email resigning at 9 am (meeting at 7 pm) b/c he didn't like the direction a group of us (10-12 of 45 members) want to go. of course, we are the most vocal and energized members, so we will probably try it our way (with meetings, committees, following the bylaws) this year. only 5 of us showed up last night, but we made some executive decisions & we'll see where it goes from here. hopefully we have more than 5 people at the next membership meeting!

printed presentations, pulled data, packed & ready for the biz trip to phoenix (ahhhh 70 degrees & sunshine! palm trees!)

went to the studio to grab the nano- and look what happened- i added some light modeling paste to the valentine. it's coming along. i'm not sure about the rose but it does look better in real life, so we'll see.

and here's another case of looking at something and coming up with a better answer- i felt that the dark border was too separated & wanted things to tie better. so i watered down some liquid titanium white and washed it over the piece & i like it much better now.

also put some thought into what to do for the leftovers print exchange i've signed up for. never mind the fact that i'm not a print maker. it sounds like fun, though, and there are folks from all over the world participating, so click the link & check it out- you may decide to get involved.

now, off to bed as i get up at 4:30 to head to warm and sunny arizona. i mentioned that before, didn't i? it has been cold, but at least we've had sun the past few days.

i'll do my best to share some palm trees tomorrow:)


Barb said...

Oops - I didn't know artists were political. Glad you didn't do anymore to the rose hip one. PLEASE take it to hang!

Barb said...

PS How was AZ?