Sunday, January 30, 2011

after the weekend

nice lazy day yesterday- had a hike in the desert, where it's sandy rather than muddy. nice change of scenery for all of us and the dogs, even if it was foggy.

there are houses made from lava rock along the river. people lived here during the depression- there was fish, and game and small areas could be cleared for a garden. probably brutally hot in the summer & cold in the winter, but there was food & shelter.

steve came with us too- survived the trip with 3 women & 5 dogs- brave man!

here are a few pieces that i started on friday. can't wait to see how this one works out-

liking this one so far too.

today was hanging day at the gallery. came home & went for some r & r on the couch.

back to the studio next week. have a great week all!

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dewatobay said...

love the group shot at the shelter. it would look great in black and white.