Wednesday, June 30, 2010


at last! time for dirty fingers! back to work on this one. liking its bones so far, but layers are needed

so i added some interference on bubble wrap, some stencils, stamps.....better, no?

i am so sure that i will sell the little hearts i took to the gallery that i figured i better have something to replace, so i started a couple more 6x6 squares.....

found the paper in the upper left in a book left on my porch in the lending library. don't recognize the handwriting (not sure i would anyway- the only time i see my friends' handwriting is on birthday cards!) but hope whoever wrote it won't be upset should they catch a glimpse in my art. it will probably end up pretty obscured anyway.

this one returns to the dictionary theme.

still need to get to the second hand store for more dictionaries (or thesaurii). i was wanting an oxford's to cut up this evening..... the word i was looking for wasn't in any of the standard dictionaries.

oh well! better branch out anyway- lots of words to choose from

and that's it- first thursday tomorrow and i am on the committee at the gallery, which is always fun- especially since zella and michael and jaki are working tomorrow night too. then getting ready for the long weekend, out of town with a houseful of guests. posting (and art making) may be sparse, but rest assured that fun is being had-

Sunday, June 27, 2010

great weekend

my buddy leaf, who has been a friend since the early 1980s, came to stay with me this weekend. her mom and sis live in town, and usually our visits are sandwiched between family trips, but this weekend she stayed here. how nice it was!

we started with a great friday evening visit with other friends, lunch saturday (along with an art swap out at gaia gallery), then great thai food with leaf's mom, then roller derby.

my grandma loved roller derby, and its revival has been of interest to me for that reason. leaf's cousin's wife plays, so we went to watch. what fun!

the olympus doesn't do so well inside in dim lighting, but the photos are sort of interesting-

today was hangin' day at the art source. i managed to find some old work on gallery wrapped canvas that worked (the 2 diptychs). i got approval from the committee before hanging the 3 on the right. we did talk about having more defined rules & emphasizing the changing 1/3 of the art monthly more.

we also hung the annual juried show. fun to see all of the different pieces. entries from many states, which is cool, one piece in a crappy falling apart frame. only 1, probably not too bad. hopefully the artist can be contacted to fix it.

lastly, added the stencils to this around the edge & like it much better. it's been hanging out for a while and it needed something- which i finally identified as a framing element. i was going to add crackle paste, but the stencils may be enough.

hope everyone else had a great weekend too- back to work tomorrow-

Friday, June 25, 2010

the late june garden

but first the hearts-

coreposis, lamb's ear & sage

clematis in amongst the aspen ( i didn't get any of the clematis pruned this year, so i'm glad to see flowers)

centaurea, california poppies & salvia argenta

stella d'oro daylilies

more of those clematis i was afraid wouldn't bloom

salvia, lamb's ear, phlomis

foxglove & campanula

and that's how the garden is growing. nice evening with friends, including leaf who i've been friends with since 1981 & who's visiting from oregon & staying here this trip. great to be able to spend time with her.

have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

what a couple of days!

here's my life since tuesday-

 nice room in chicago
 one evening to walk on michigan ave
a day full of work, a nice dinner, then an evening's work. my boss thinking i could get more work done if i left early, an earlier flight home and back to o'hare on wednesday evening

 sitting on the runway in a thunderstorm
 missing my connection & spending the night in tempe
 back to sky harbor this morning

 and back home on my originally planned flight.

i have to say that us air was great. off the plane in phoenix, knowing i had missed the connection, they had a boarding pass for a flight this morning & a voucher for a reduced rate at a hotel, which ran shuttles & was really easy to deal with (and only $59!). as i went thru baggage claim it occurred to me to see if i could get my bag and i could- the woman working there was really helpful.

i wonder if the woman from oakland who was waiting for her bag with an "i better get my bag" attitude ever got it- the two of us who were waiting with a "it is so wonderful to have the chance to get our luggage" attitude got our bags right away.

nice evening with hub on the patio.

no art done, but it was nice to see the hearts again ( i need a good pic of the other one) and to like them. i think they turned out well.

crazy coming up. we're planning for next year, which means lots of work, and my friend leaf is coming to visit tomorrow and sunday is hanging day at the gallery and next weekend is 4th of july. the fun never stops!

great to be home! more when i can-

Monday, June 21, 2010

first day of summer

 happy first day of summer! i am reading about abstract painting, which involves seeing shapes rather than objects (at least so far). here are some of today's shapes.

i'm in chicago- via phoenix- look on a map, not a very direct route! tomorrow's planned theme is summer in the city, we'll see how i do. now off to bed. hopefully i can sleep, since we're up for some busy days.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

and miles to go before i sleep (but i slept anyway!)

i meant to come home & make art, but i slept. which is what i did much of yesterday, so i'm guessing it was probably a good thing to do, and necessary. off to chicago tomorrow until thursday and work will be demanding, so we'll make do with photos from this weekend.

these are patterns that caught my eye, may be useful down the road...

this (above) might be very cool printed on or transferred to metal

maybe a base for an encaustic work

and for janice- this is what our mountain bluebells look like- i thought of your bluebell post when i saw these. and lo and behold, a wildflower blog post on postcards from wildwood when i went to find the link to the bluebell post. great minds!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

finishing touches

i've had these hanging around my office for the past few days trying to decide what else- if anything- to do. i wanted to keep the white heart on this one but felt it needed a stronger background. i taped to stencil on the right to keep it clean and grabbed some cadmium red medium hue (b/c it is normally a very opaque color) and further increased the transparency with glaze.

happy with the way the map & flowers still show up but the piece is much less busy & unified by the red. (i think so anyway)

to make the heart stronger, improve movement & tie the right & left together i got out the trusty sharpie & added black. will have to remember to use spray var before that last coat of medium or varnish to prevent smearing (don't know if it will, but i would be bummed if it did). this is done, and i am (gasp) happy with it.

added the crown for balance on this one. it looks better in person- there's more going on than is visible here, but i'm going to look at it for a while more to determine done- ness.

this one reminds me of the 80s- must be the pink & black. i think it's done too- once the heavy gel dries i'll know better..... you can't tell from the pic, but it's heavily textured over the heart.

lastly, i screwed up the last transfer i did on this & smeared black ink all over. yuck! cleaned up a bit with some rubbing alcohol then rummaged around for something to cover the mess. this is what i came up with. i can repeat the hand & face elements if i like and i like the colors- i can bring some prussian blue in now, and there's also red in the image.

i also strengthened the bottom by going back over the large stencil with black. it's starting to come together.

and that's all. look for photos this weekend, then off to chicago monday- woo hoo!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


a few doodles..... busy day, lots of work, grocery store, so this evening's r & r was a glass of wine & doodles on the porch. this one was done earlier this week....

and tonight's goddess. the mind heart thing seems to be coming up in the goddesses lately.

and now off to bed to read some of the lonely polygamist (a novel by brady udall) before sleep. quite enjoying it so far!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

play night

nancy came over for art night. as i mentioned last night due to the staple police i need to swap out more than i planned, and i haven't been working much. these 6x6 squares are fun to work, they go quickly & i have a theme going (tho i may need to go buy more used dictionary/thesauruses).

i started with cutting out the love page & the words around it- which usually include louse, lousy- so there's an interesting starting point.

of course, as soon as i typed that i noticed that the first piece doesn't start that way. but it will have a heart :) i was more worried about collaging over the staples on this one....

slathered with matte gel medium. we'll see how it looks. i impatiently didn't wait for the stencil to dry. so we may have some running. which may be OK.


light molding paste thru a stencil inside the heart. i picked a bad stencil, tho, b/c you can't tell what shape it is.

and, again impatiently (acrylics dry fast, but not instantaneously!) i started painting too soon

and hated it, so i washed it all off and started over

thinking either glass beads or heavy soft gel over the heart to finish things off....

yesterday's- added some gold & iridescent medium to the heart and some layers of paint to the background. yes barb. the lyrics do say mercy killing- and the first words on the dictionary page are louse, lousy & lout.... so i guess i think it sort of works. some relationships (friendships, too) could use a mercy killing. but i made it less obvious.

 here are the 4 hearts so far drying. i will get/share better photos as they are completed. 

and to all a good night!