Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial day weekend

nice memorial day weekend. went out of town & our neighbors joined us. molly is a photographer, so she & i had a lot of fun going on photo safari while the other halves went fishing.

the marsh is beautiful. there is so much to photograph that it can become overwhelming.

i have lots of photos that i could share, but thought i would start with the small things that caught my attention.

i think that this is a yellow headed blackbird nest. note the willow stems that the nest is woven around.

skunk cabbage

love the reflection of the sky in the water and the movement around the reeds

and a little flora and fauna

and spent the afternoon going through the photos & posting to the blogs..... i could use another day off to get caught up, but that won't be happening! gypsy gallery thursday evening and art & roses sunday- it's going to be a busy week- need to print & frame some more photos & have a serious chat with the weather goddess since both shows are outside...send sunny thoughts our way for thursday evening & sunday!

Friday, May 28, 2010

rainy days

it's been unusually wet. i am a desert, sunshine person, not one of those who likes moody rainy days (well, maybe once every 5 years or so- like bowling). i do have to admit that my garden is loving it, though.

this is a frau dagmar hastrop rose planted by the front door. she is very fragrant and a lovely pink.

love the ornamental allium- they remind me of colorful dandelion seed heads

an austrian copper rose. doesn't bloom long, but adds a nice warm splash of color while it does to the garden.

this is some sort of bourbon rose which is most fragrant and wonderful. the blooms are lush, the scent is spicy & sweet & it blooms all summer. not as profusely after the first bloom, but enough.

i wish blogger had a scratch n sniff feature- i can still smell these roses. the light pink are from the bush descirbed above, the darker pink from a highly scented climber and the white are climbing iceberg, which has a fainted but still nice scent.

happy friday all! to those of you in the us- enjoy the long memorial day weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

baby steps

i was without energy last night, so i spent most of it on the couch with barbara bradley haggerty's footprints of god (a fascinating book about the science of spirituality), but right before bed i did this:

i don't know where the strong black came from, but i kind of like it..... of course there will be many more layers, and i need to give the raven something else to stand on, but it's a step ( and an interesting one, from the perspective of "where did THAT come from?")

my bourbon roses are blooming, hopefully it will stop raining long enough today for me to get some photos to share. and now, update the fb page, walk dogs & off to the races!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

painting with nancy

when nancy emailed to see about getting together for art night i asked if she would come over here, as the thought of organizing & making manageable the "art stuff" needed (using the term VERY loosely) for current projects was daunting....

so she did, and we had fun drinking wine, catching up & working on our respective pieces. this is horrible and i can't imagine how to make it better. i put way too much tissue with red flora on it then gessoed back over most.

then, for some reason, i thought i'd add more red. ack! when i was uploading this, i saw one of my other mm pieces in progress & it didn't look too dandy either, but the finished piece is good. so maybe there's hope.

i had better luck with magnets. i put a few finishing touches on the ones from last night & made these.

the rose is on tracing paper, and i colored the back with colored pencil. nice effect, thanks again anne! looking forward to using this on a bigger piece-

and that's it for now. it was great to see nancy & make art with her- it's been a while since we've had a tuesday session & i miss them!

Monday, May 24, 2010


magnets, mini collages.

these are nearly as addictive as atc's. i actually sold a few at modern art, so i figure i may as well keep going. zella & i are also adding a magnet rack to the gallery, so i want to make some to fill that up. $7 art, what's not to love?

 i started with some stamps on rice paper. the rice paper becomes nicely invisible (other than threads) once it's collaged with medium onto something else. i did this yesterday too, but am pretty sure one of the dogs had a rice paper snack while i was out of the room. hope stayz on isn't toxic.

works in progress

and close ups. these are about 2.5 by 3 inches on wood.  

thanks to anne, the stuff i printed on tracing paper is nicely usable- just a few coats of spray var- one front & one back & et voila! no running! (you'd think i could figure that out by myself, but evidently not!)

and that's it for tonight. i also spent a few hours vacuuming- horrors! maybe if i did it more often it would be less traumatic.....

nancy's coming over to paint tomorrow night- hope to get more of these done, maybe work on the collage & start something on canvas...... we'll see.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

making progress

what a weekend! for not HAVING to do anything, it was awfully busy.....

went to see barenaked ladies friday night with some friends. it was outside at the botanic gardens, which is a really nice venue. it didn't rain on us, we managed to stay warm & the show was quite fun.

next morning, a hike with the dogs, these are multicolored lupine that cover the hillside every year. i was afraid i had missed them, so didn't take the big camera. i haven't had much success getting good shots in the past anyway, but the ultra wide might do it.

this gives you an idea, at least. i was going to go back later but it started pouring cold rain that turned into snow and continued all day & all night. ick!

the rain/snow didn't stop our friend's annual christmas tree burning party, tho. yep, we all stood around in rain gear & watched the tree sacrifice. who knew that gasoline would start even a soaked thru tree on fire. (well, the guys knew, but i was surprised).

i was planning on some more garden shots today, but things are a bit worse for the wear...... frau dagmar got a bit of frostbite

it was rather icky again this morning, so i spent the bulk of the day going through photos, labeling, deleting, etc. it had to be done, but i am not even halfway through and my neck is aching- painful job! on the plus side, i found some files i wasn't sure i still had & was able to print some fun things to hang tomorrow at cw moore.

this is the flowering pear trees in the center median of the boulevard a few blocks over. i was really happy to find the original file & see that i can print it bigger than 5x7.

got stuff printed after some fighting with the printer..... not sure why the epson is happy to print everything but letter sized photo paper, which it always jams. 13x19, no problem. thick front feed media, ok, but really finicky on that letter sized photo paper. so i gave up & went with the hp, which is archival and fine for what i'm doing.

aaron bros had their mats 40% off (i need to go buy more- that was a welcome sight!) an decent inexpensive black wood frames, so that's what i used. after much of the usual "how did that speck of dirt get in there when i just windexed & checked", i got 4 pieces framed & ready to go. now to figure out pricing & print labels.... 

and misc stuff- making magnets for the gallery & for june gypsy. craft warehouse had small canvasses "on sale" at around $2 ea. blick had 5 for $6.99. glad i checked.

 and then i did a bit of work on this- which i started when i went to talk to the kids in school.

and now, off to bed to prepare for another week at work!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

getting ready for shows

i really wanted to be juried into the art source as a photographer in addition to oil & mixed media so that when in dire straits ( or creative droughts) i'd have a fall back.

didn't happen, b/c they limit the number of photographers, but the fall back isn't failing me (yet) as i can show photos in every other venue i need to worry about (and isn't that a good problem to have! places to show!)

so, getting ready for gypsy gallery june 3 and art & roses june 6 and the cw moore building which we hang on monday i've been going through photos to find fresh things to print.

here are a few candidates:

still lots of digging and flagging to be done, but it's a good start i think. and i find new transfer possibilities as i go through the photos too. if only i could organize them better while i'm at it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

how my garden grows

here are the how my garden grows images from yesterday.

the poor thing has been quite neglected, luckily it isn't a very manicured style to begin with.... since maintenance isn't my  thing i planned it that way- but it still needs some tlc..... maybe this weekend (when i also hope to have some time to make some art, and print some photos... between the bare naked ladies concert friday night and the party saturday night!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

full picasa album!

so no photos til the additional storage space purchased shows up..... which is just as well- i am wiped out! no surprise there, it's been go man go for a while.

art source meeting last night, with a pre meeting to talk about fundraising. we're going to try for an exquisite corpse show with as many members participating as we can get. luckily, i have 5 others helping who are energized & excited about the project. (well, it wouldn't be happening if that wasn't the case). it's sort of like herding cats, tho, it's going to be interesting.

i didn't get my clematis pruned- or anything else for that matter- do it will be interesting to see if we get any flowers. the roses are budding up, but it's wet and cool again- boo hiss!i had hoped to get some art made tonight, but i am just too tired to think about it. need to recharge. but i also need to think about what to print for the CW Moore show, what to take to art & roses, etc. i will have some time this weekend....

but now- to bed!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

photo opps

after a busy 2 days back at work we headed for the hills friday. i am glad to see that acually using my camera on a regular basis & shooting the same subject matter- in this case birds- is paying dividends (duh!)


some sort of hawk i have yet to identify 

yellow headed blackbirds- the showy male and dowdier females

sandhill cranes

 canadian geese, with a grain silo in the background

barn swallows

although i can't show photos at the art source (they have a limit on the number of photographer members), i do have a few shows coming up with no such restrictions, so i will have to start going through photos & deciding what to print & frame. fortunately the last few weeks have provided plenty of options!

it's funny how i feel like i am seeing so much better when in fairfield now- i notice more animals & am figuring out where the best viewing spots are. i saw 6 fox kits and their dam by the side of the road this morning, but blogger won't let me upload those photos for some reason, so we'll save them for another day.

i need to make some new art for the gallery soon too..... hopefully this week that will happen. and now off to bed to rest up for what promises to be a busy day- hasta!