Thursday, April 29, 2010


we're getting close to modern art 2010 and had our last formal planning session this evening. this is a huge event- the hotel gives its rooms over to artists and somewhere around 3000 folks come thru in 4 hours. last year we didn't even make it into some of the rooms, it was so packed. and the hotel has a great bar, so folks hang around.

i got a little panicked when i saw an ad at the local art film theater a few weeks ago. this is our first year participating and we're a little nervous (well, i am!). this is the event that the corpses are for, and kevin (pottery), zella (metal), pam (assemblage) & i ( marianne of most media) are sharing a room. we're going to have a station set up for people to make & trade ATCs in addition to showing off our exquisite corpses hehe) & individual art.

here's my list- do ya think i'll be able to decipher this at any point in the future? luckily, the act of writing things down is usually enough.... (see what i mean anne? :))

this will be really fun! it's a really interactive experience, which i think will be a blast. stay tuned.....

on my lunch hour tomorrow i am going to a grade school to talk about why i became an artist, demonstrate some collage making (technique seems too strong a word for what i do) & show some of my art. my friend miriam has a non profit that writes curricula for schools & she teaches this particular course. i am scared to death! i've had to pare my traveling art studio down to a few bags ( i never ever travel light) and think about what to say (not a strong suit). seems my friends are very good at stretching me & getting me out of my comfort zone..... good friends to have!

plan this weekend is to finish the last corpse. she's been talking to me, so i think it'll flow once i get started. i'm working at art source saturday afternoon and hanging sunday- hope to make some art in there somewhere.....

happy friday!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 down, one to go....

one more finished. if you haven't been checking in, the story of the project starts here .

here's how this one started, after kevin gave his pottery to zella & she made a structure for it.

pam was next, and here's how it looked when it came to me.

and the finished product (of which there will be a good photo taken tomorrow)

the self leveling gel worked as i hoped it would (nice when that happens!)

the backing is fabric coated in matte gel medium. hopefully that will be enough to hold it in place. i'll see how it looks when dry & maybe augment with glue.

we're meeting tomorrow evening to go over last minute details for the show next thursday. things like lights, food, ATC supplies, all of that stuff that it really helps to have a few heads working on.

i have some ideas for the last corpse. i would also like to get some magnets made to have some small pieces for the show. we'll see- lots of day job stuff to get done, working at the gallery saturday afternoon and again on sunday switching out art for the new month.

i keep thinking things will slow down, but it doesn't seem to be happening. oh well- better to burn out than to fade away, right? ;)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

one down, one in progress, one to go....

working away on my corpses.... the event is a week from thursday, we have our last planning meeting thursday evening. i would like to make some magnets and hope i have some art to take, but the real thing i need to do is finish the exquisite corpses. thank heavens that 2 of them didn't need any contribution from me!

as for the other 3, one down-

from kevin & zella- to pam-

to what i ended up with (a better photo than yesterday). i do need to figure out how to secure the eyes, but otherwise i think we're good- and i even like it!

this was tonight's project:

again- as it left kevin, then zella

as it left pam

and as it is now:

i felt bad for the bird flying into the wire, so i made it some blue sky. i'm trying to cover the braces without getting too busy- there's already a lot going on. i may just try some muslin or something for the rest of the background. maybe i can soak canvas in coffee.....hmmmm.....

the 2 squares in the upper left & the one in the lower right have paper with copper leaf on it behind them. the white is self leveling gel, which i hope will work to adhere the paper to the wire. stay tuned! 

Monday, April 26, 2010

miles to go.... and corpses

the next art adventure is the art show at the modern hotel, which zella, pam, kevin & i are doing together. we decided to do an exquisite corpse as part of our room.

kevin is a potter, and this is his contribution.

the pieces went to zella, a metal artist, who came up with these 5 pieces

next to pam. who paints and does assemblage. the first two look done to me- nothing i can add to them. they're great, aren't they?

so i'll be working on these three. one of the great things about collaborating is the way it stretches you, especially doing something like this where you add onto what the previous people have done. and one of the fun things about working with pam is that she is a much more playful artist that i am and it gets me out of my usual thought patterns.

i must confess, however, that i sent an email asking if i could alter these some because i am feeling a deadline to finish and not feeling like i can be creative enough to get out of my box and go with what i received. pam graciously said it was OK to go backward a little bit if i had to. at least she will get some of her cool stuff back to use again:)

i started on this one tonight- the color isn't so good, but better photos will follow. i got the lutradur out & printed a backround on it to go behind the mesh- doesn't show up here very well. i had these encaustic pieces from a class last year and did some metal transfers. i hope that the other 3 artists approve.....

more to come, stay tuned-

and i finished my self portrait- finally enough layers to make me happy!

and now, off to bed-

Sunday, April 25, 2010

photo opps

after this post i'm going to go work on some art. i have been getting the camera out more lately and it got a good workout this weekend. i won't make the photos my customary large size b/c there are lots of them (i am a horrible editor!)

we went to fairfield this weekend ( 1/2way between boise & sun valley) and the marsh is filling up with water as it does every spring. the sandhill cranes are back in force and the other birds are returning as well.

i love the reflections in the water, and the incongruity of all of this water in the sagebrush landscape.

the yellow headed blackbirds are some of my favorites- love their song and strong colors. not many around yet, but this fellow was happy to pose.
this guy was on a fence post in the field behind us this morning. i think maybe a swainson's hawk.

and this one (i think a red tailed hawk) was along the side of the road.

the cranes are back in force. my husband was treated to a close up display of their mating dance last weekend. i was not so lucky, though i did get to watch from a distance & to hear calls and flapping wings. this is the one sort of decent shot, but i really need to start shooting manual (needed a faster shutter speed) and using at least a monopod.

a different pair, in a more sedate moment

some sort of shore bird- i need to get the bird book out

some antelope (though that isn't true, biologically speaking. antelope are found only in africa.)

and a lovely sunset

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

i'm back to work and making art & getting ready for modern art 2010 in may. stay tuned! :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

skywatch friday

skies this week over boise......

and denver (to see more moore at the denver botanic gardens, click here)

and back to boise

to check out more skies around the world, visit skywatch friday

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mark Knopfler

I just want to be able to play and make people feel good with what I do. When you're thinking that way, anything can happen. And, usually, what happens is good.

Mark Knopfler

last night we saw mark knopfler play in denver at the buell ampitheater. and what happened was very good indeed....

those of you who have followed the blog for a while know that i love music (especially guitar) and i love live shows. this was one of the all time greats. knopfler is a very generous performer- he obviously loves what he does and the energy between him & the band (who were very tight and amazing musicians) was incredible.

they played for over 2 hours, the first standing ovation came 1/2way into the show after romeo & juliet (there were 3 or 4 more) and there were 2 or 3 encores. wow.

the audience was asked not to use cameras or cell phones to take photos so as not to detract from the show (though audio recordings were allowed), and for the most part people complied. i did sneak a few shots during the encore.

if you only know knopfler from the dire straits days you may want to take another listen. he's a wonderful storyteller and incorporates a lot of influences ( folk, celtic) into his music. and his guitar playing is, well, it's hard to find the words.

here's one from the latest cd.

and now i'm back in boise & it's back to work for the next few days. and back to planning for modern art may 6, finishing the self portrait & starting some new pieces for june gypsy- woo hoo! it was a great vacation-

it's all happening

at the zoo...

great morning at the denver zoo......incredible mark knopfler concert this evening...standing ovations started midway through the concert with romeo & juliet- there were at least 4 more.....they played 2 hrs & 15 minutes and were!

back to boise tomorrow- it's been a great visit with the folks and a fun trip