Wednesday, March 31, 2010

no rest for the, well, you know!

here's the progress on this. zella & i were collaborating via text message & photos. cracked me up- technology is pretty amazing! i think it's nearly done, will hang it to meditate on for a while to be sure.

once we get through we art women next thursday we will start planning for modern art. a local artist's group, of which my friend pam is on the board, came up with an idea to have artists do individual squares to hang together at the show. the original plan was that they be self portraits and i was opting out. completely.

so zella bought me a square. and told me i was doing a self portrait. it's good to have friends who move us out of our comfort zone, right?

so as i was painting other things i started building up the base. i actually do have some ideas- none of which involve trying to paint myself!

and lastly, a few more atcs done while watching dancing with the stars with the hub. (seriously, who voted to keep kate on? what an unhappy, unpleasant woman!)


and now, off to bed. tomorrow is first thursday & we're going to meet some friends & see some galleries. then my birthday friday, the opening at VaC and dinner.....

so if posting is sparse, it's because birthday month is starting! happy april!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

almost there!

today we hung the 2 month show for we art women. there is some really nice art, and watching people who know how to  do this stuff work is amazing.

the gallery owner and our juror went quickly (it seemed) through the pieces and grouped things together against the walls.

the art was hung an equal distance from each other and on a 60 inch center. which means that the center of the painting is 60 inches above the floor. harder than it sounds b/c you have to take into consideration where the wire is to be accurate.

i learned that the standard is a 58 inch center, due to wheelchair viewers (we all thought it was cuz most people are short), but because this is also a live music venus & bar they go a little higher.

the 3D area

other lessons learned/reinforced- pay LOTS of attention to how pieces will hang. we had to move the wire on one so that the top didn't lean way out. one piece still had the stand on it for a table frame, but was also wired ( i have been guilty of this when hanging pieces at art source. oops.). another needed to be taped in because there wasn't a board on the back to hold the art & glass snugly in the frame, ergo the glass was sort of rattly.

also amazing how framing decisions can really impact what one thinks about the art. we all agreed one piece would have been so much better just framed in black instead of wood. and plexi is hard, because once it scratches (which is easy) you're through.

all stuff that i've read lots of times, driven home by hanging a show with a juror, gallery owner & professional artists. great experience. of course i thought my piece looked inferior to much of the art. i need to figure out a better way to finish the masonite.

i am so excited for the show to open, and so proud to have a piece selected for it! the 2 month show opens friday, the benefit is next thursday- getting close!

Monday, March 29, 2010

the other stuff

here's the other stuff i was playing with this weekend. one of the things we want to do at the we art women event is give a thank you to a local business woman who has been a big supporter. i had a piece that zella & i had made all picked out, but it sold (of course!).

so here's the beginnings of a new one. there's a 1 and an a to symbolize how important she's been to us. next, gesso & bubble wrap.

some flower stencils

a layer of rice paper

another bubble wrap layer- this time cobalt. i was so glad to figure out that this works better with a brayer than painting it on with a brush. much better paint coverage.

next step is painting over this. i am happy with the layers and the way the blue goes back. below is the piece we had wanted to present and i will do something similar to finish the one above. i like the heart and flowers as a thank you.

here's the other one i worked on, which i think is done. the rose is a transfer (yep, elmer's caulk/ apollo transparency), with an alizarin glaze.

dh cut wood for me to make some more masonite panels, so i can get started on some more collages. woo hoo!

we received the art for the we art women 2 month show today. hanging the show tomorrow. can't wait to see it on the wall! there is some great art. look forward to sharing photos with you.

doodled some atcs while watching dancing with the stars. i did get the great word that we have friday off at the day job for good friday. another day to play! it's my birthday and i can stay home & play with art :) woo hoo! that, the opening of the 2 month show and dinner at my favorite restaurant- sounds perfect!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

printing on metal tape

first, i have to say that my mom DID raise me better than this, but i am no good at maintenance and there is so much stuff that's more fun to do than cleaning... and i AM an aries.. so anyway- remember the girl's weekend a month ago? the dining room table is still full of art supplies

for those of you curious about metal tape, here you go:

this tape is available at home improvement stores- used for duct work. there are lots of ways to use it in artwork, and here's one.

using watercolor paper and golden digital grounds for non porous surfaces

put strips of tape on watercolor paper, coat with the digital grounds- two coats, one vertical, one horizontal, let dry between

in a photo editing program, set up what you want to print-

this is the front feed of an epson r2400, tho it might be possible to feed thru a regular printer if using thin paper as a base.

and coming back out

and the product out of the printer- but not the final product:)

it'll be fun to see where these go!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

monkey business

started the day with a nice walk with the dogs, came home & did some house stuff & started playing with some art. some of which which you'll see later.

this is the piece that nancy & pam started a few weeks ago on tuesday & sent home with me to work on & then pass along to zella.

i added the music, the napkin at the bottom, the edge at the top, the flowers & the bronze leaf. i had the curious george altoids tin hanging around- he's been hanging around for a while, and i'd thought about giving him to pam, but i just couldn't. but when i passed this on to zella to do her magic, i sent him along. it just seemed right.

and isn't this just the cutest damn thing? i couldn't be more tickled at how it turned out!

and if you're curious enough to open the tin......

this is going into the silent auction for we art women. i'll be really surprised if someone doesn't just fall in love with it. i am!

the monkey in the middle is on a transparency and the transition to the surface around is visible. so i thought i'd try some self leveling gel (because i've had it for a while & just been waiting to need it) to make the whole area stand up and therefore reduce the visible line.

so i built a well with masking tape- hoping that since i varnished the piece i'd be ok as far as pulling anything up- and put some gel in. then we headed out to watch ncaa basketball & eat junk food & drink beer with a friend.

when we got home, (and i wish i'd taken a pic, but i didn't), there were 2 teeny tiny pieces of tape left on the left side and the bottom. the bouve (my money is on him b/c it was a very precise operation & that's how they work) had evidently decided that masking tape sounded kind of yummy.

luckily, the gel had set up enough (and he was careful enough) that the concept will work.

tomorrow is hanging day at the gallery (sounds all old west, doesn't it?), so that will consume most of the day. it's always fun to see the new art, tho, and to move things around. the gallery always looks so nice & fresh when we're done. my turn to bring lunch, so i made a trip to the deli today.
off to bed- up early to walk dogs- happy weekend!

Friday, March 26, 2010

the to do list

zella, pam, kevin & i went & looked at our room for modern art 2010, the modern is a hotel that opens its rooms to artists annually. it's a mob scene- lots of people through, probably not much in the way of sales, but that's not what it's about.

in addition to having our art (metal, assemblage, pottery & yours truly) available, we're going to have supplies for people to make & trade atcs.

here's the tour: (say hi to Pam, your tour guide)

 the kitchen area is to the right of the door. perfect for pottery on the top and some sort of wonderful spinning atc rack that zella will make for us on the counter. and wine for us in the fridge! the door leads to the bathroom.
the bedroom is through the far door seen in the first pic. one of the challenges with the show is no hanging on the walls. thinking that leaning art on the headboard, both the top & on the bed, is an option. we may also see if they'll remove furniture for us & bring in a panel or two. luckily i'm the only one solely dependent on wall space- the other 3 can rely on 3d.

and the huge bathroom, which is accessed from the bedroom & main hotel room, creating traffic flow (but woe is us if we need the facilities the night of the show!

our thought is to put a board over the tub & use that as the space to make atcs and to hang ones for trade on the glass shower stall with suction cups.

it was a good thing to walk through with all of us & get ideas & make lists (need to bring lights, get board & table cloths, ask if furniture can be removed, stuff like that).

we talked about making 3 collaborative 3d pieces, which we're all excited about. kevin has had ideas for combining clay & metal and he & zella were off to the races. pam & i will get them to finish off.

this is the show that we're planting atcs around town to advertise, so we need to set up a time to go drop some around. kevin's trying to figure out how to translate to clay without them being really breakable. he looked at what we had and said "these could be framed" which was ever so cool- he gets it.

additionally, running around getting things finished up for we art women. putting out posters and postcards, finishing up pr, picking up bid cards, dropping off ad copy. it seemed like we had all of the time in the world and now it's here! we mailed over 2800 postcards this week. hope we get a good turn out- & raise lots of $$- the wca can use it.

we hang the 2 month juried show next tuesday, with the artist reception next friday (my birthday!). i am so excited to have a piece selected for the 2 month show, and can't wait to see how it looks hanging in the gallery with the other chosen art! the following week we do the one night show- setting up wed afternoon (hanging more art, setting up silent auction tables, etc.) and all day thursday for thursday evening's fundraiser.

sunday is monthly art trade out at the art source, so i better think about that.

and there's a gallery opening in april that will take some of my work (she will take photos, which i can't hang in art source, so that's helpful).

yikes! may not be getting much sleep the next few weeks. i did take time off from the day job for we art women, and i did make sure i had art stockpiled for times like this before i joined art source, so i do have some breathing room. glad that the hub and i are looking at a mid- may vacation- will give us some time together :)

and now- to the day job- have a good day all!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

blog photo tag- first file, 10th photo

I've been tagged by Summer Raven from Goddess Adornments . her email read:

"I tagged you for a photo blog tag. Participate if you wish. But know that I am sending you a little traffic. Thanks for inspiring me when I visit you. "

it is always really nice to hear that i inspire someone, and the photo tag sounded fun. of course, my photo files are a mess, and the first 95 files are either RAW and too much trouble to see or have nothing but 5 or 6 really bad shots in them. so i went to lightroom.

this is the 10th photo in the lightroom folder and was taken this weekend on a wonderful hike with dogs & a friend in country i love. trying out the new x-wide lens.....

Rules are as follows:

Go to a photo file, open the 10th photo blog about the story ( i am not so good with words!)

tag 5 more of your favorite bloggers:

(which i won't do, but these folks should be visited nonetheless. and if they decide to play, so much the better!)

el milagro studio

judy wood art/photography

mouse medicine

live and learn

postcards from wildwood

it's a week of art meetings, and there will be blogs about groups coming up, count on it, it's already been quite interesting. gotta love group dynamics!

but for now, bedtime- check out the blogs, hope you love 'em like i do!

Monday, March 22, 2010

the classroom

here's the latest amazon haul.... since i don't have classes & workshops for what i want to do seem few & far between in the area books it is! (well, that & some great yahoo groups & google).

not much output lately, but input will eventually lead to that:)

going to use the first to give me ideas for atcs- which are a great way to try new mixed media techniques. some of the ideas are pretty basic, some i haven't considered. instructions clear- i've just been flipping through, but think it will be fun to play with.

interesting mixed media ideas of all sorts in here- jewelry, photography, assemblage. even the techniques i probably won't try seem to have a take away i can use. and the book finishes with some art challenges that could come in handy some stuck future day.

i have another chris cozen book on acrylic mediums (altered surfaces) and i use it often. yes, the books are packed with golden products, but it's pretty easy to figure out what you could substitute if you wanted to. the directions are very clear & there are good starting points for further exploration.

so let's just say i've been incubating..... and heading for the home stretch of we art women, and an art source meeting tonight (where i got to talk about fund raising ideas, like doing an exquisite corpse & selling the pieces with 100% going to the gallery, or holding workshops), artist group meeting tomorrow night, the 4 of us doing the modern art show meeting on thursday.

sounds like more incubation! maybe creation this weekend.....

or maybe i'll dream some does happen!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

photos & atcs

had a lovely hike with a friend this am and tried out the new 10-20 lens. the ultra wide is going to be great. i need to play with how to use it. what i've read is that the best shots are with something in the foreground to set off the wide background. when the wildflowers start to really go i'll be having big fun.

this does give a big idea of how wide the lens goes- and this is cropped-

wildflowers starting to peek out

then, home depot trip, printed labels for the we art women postcard mailing next week, built a facebook page for the art source gallery and made some more atcs to give away around town next month.

yesterday i sent zella some goddesses and asked for her help collaborating to bring 'em out of doodle status to something else. she has some ideas, i'm excited to see what we come up with!

here's to a great week!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

better together

i got artwork together for the airport gallery today. the art source has an annex in boise airport & there is finally enough room for me to have some pieces there. which is good, b/c things do sell out there. tho i am doing ok at the other gallery too- zella and i sold one of the pieces we collaborated on last week.

she did the frames for a series on metal that i did a few years ago and they make the pieces. we really enjoy working together- it's fun & gives us both a creative jump start.

i seem to be having a lot of discussions lately about sharing art- techniques, ideas, show space. it's funny how some artists are so generous- with time, ideas, techniques and others jealously guard things.

i've heard about people who have inquired at the gallery about how to join & who have felt less than welcomed.

i've had artists say "we don't want to give away our art on atc's, can't we put out copies?" this when we were using the whole original art give away (all 2.5x3.5 inches of it) to promote last summer's show. the atcs give away got us publicity we could never have paid for. 

had complaints about artists in our shows having signs about other galleries they show in.

on and on.

i get emails thanking me for my generosity in sharing techniques, and have had people advise me against doing same, but i could give step by step instructions & the other person's piece won't look like mine. an artist doesn't want to copy what i'm doing- they want to use it, incorporate it, put their own stamp on it.

i admit to sometimes feeling a twinge of jealousy (or even thinking wtf?) when i sit through a show and sell one card if i'm lucky & then look at what is selling. i am human, after all, but mostly (and i strive to always go there) i am happy to see people buying art. i think that having a mix of good quality work makes a gallery stronger. i want to show with people who are better than i am.

we are absolutely stronger together.

one last thing, since this seems to be a rant post. what is it with people complaining about how they were (or weren't) juried into a show? i cannot fathom calling a show organizer and complaining that my piece wasn't selected. but evidently it's not uncommon. asking for feedback or input, ok, but bitching?  true.

hopefully time for making art tomorrow. hike in the ayem with the new lens, so at least some photos!

if you haven't seen crazy heart, do-

Friday, March 19, 2010

sunny spring day!

hope you're enjoying same! happy weekend!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

spring, another corpse & more atcs

this is not a great photo, but i love my lenten roses and they are such a beautiful bouquet that i wanted to show you the whole thing

another happy crocus
and another favorite- species tulips
the sun is doing all of us a lot of good!

after a break for st pat's festivities last night, back to it. i added a wash of nickel quincadrone azo gold and pushed some molding paste thru stencils for some texture

then i screwed up the stencil in the upper right hand corner. and the molding paste by not waiting for it to dry. nothing that can't be repaired, but i should know better!

so i gave up & went on to atcs. because i need to start hiding the around town.

these may not all be done, but i think most of them are. i do love palying with these, trying out techniques & new materials. it's such a safe way to test things (and fun). note the words from susan's label maker-

and that's it- off to bed- have a great friday everyone!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Pat's

Happy St Patty's Day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tuesday painting

first things first- our yard faces east, so we get things later, but the crocus are finally showing their happy faces so it's officially spring in my mind! forsythia starting to pop around the neighborhood- it's good!

pam & i went to check out our room at the modern- those photos later, but we're excited- it will be fun! and then art night at nancy's. i packed light :) just making atcs.
tried the purell transfer so raved about on the yahoo inkjet transfer group. all on watercolor paper. upper left flower from an apollo transparency- not so good- smooshy immediately, needs a softer touch than i have for sure. the trees, though- those are from inkjet prints on regular paper and they have a nice soft dreamy quality and are clear. both from the same print. photo paper would be worth a try.
pam the atc queen making lots of great atcs in no time at all

and the 2 pieces we passed around tonight (we are really liking this!) forgot to take the before shot, but this started as the image of the girl in the hat on the background. lots has happened to it since.

and this was a blank 8x10 fixed so far by nancy & pam. the plan is to have 2 more pieces for the silent auction.

pam is also donating her fabulous piece from saturday (she removed the sawtooth hanger, but not the f bombs on the back so it's all good). i will take good photos & post.

another night of fun & collaboration- i am so damn lucky!