Sunday, February 28, 2010

once again, no photos but then there are

well, explorer is once again crashing every time i try to upload photos- i really must figure this out. it does it in blogger, in facebook, even in windows live writer- so i'm thinking it's something between explorer & windows 7, but have no idea what since it's all new on this computer.

seems to have to do with the path i take to find the photos, but it's different every time.

anyway- we hung the month's new art at the gallery today and wonder of wonders my friend julie, whose art i love and have long admired and was just getting ready to purchase a piece from wanted to buy a piece of mine! the red one 2 posts ago. so we made a trade and i am now happy to have "the color of new" hanging in my house.

here are the rest of my pieces hanging in the gallery.

and here is the rest of the wall- the pieces zella and i did together and some of zella's pieces. looks good, doesn't it?

and now off to bed- happy march everyone!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

adios, mi amiga

retiring my beloved stylus 720sw, the indestructo camera. purchased shortly after the fuji died of sand exposure and i dropped the D70 a few feet. she still works fine and is headed to my nephew who will hopefully appreciate her indestructo, water and sand proof abilities.

the new p&s, another marianne proof camera, a few more megs, a little different lens, but the same indestructo capabilities. and even tho i am sure i drowned in a previous life & will never dive i like the waterproof part too.
i did a few metal transfers last night. favorite method is using elmer's caulk & apollo transparencies. here i am rolling the transparency back after the image has set up on the caulk (just a few minutes)
shortly after the previous photo. the caulk will dry clear.
and getting art ready to hang tomorrow at the gallery. we all have to swap out 1/3 of our pieces monthly, which is why it took me so long to try to get juried in. wanted to know i had enough back stock in case i couldn't make enough art every month.

even so, there always seems to be a rush to get things ready. today it was varnishing & adding wire. ready now tho.

while i was getting everything ready to go, i finished the tree piece. i redid the metal and like this transfer better. it has more sienna in it, which ties to the background better.
sweet dreams-

it might get loud and other stuff

cleanest shots i have of the latest stuff (yes, i redid the flower stencil on the top one). what should i enter in the upcoming juried show?

and is the top one done?

'It Might Get Loud' Trailer HD

watched again with friends tonight- if you love guitar watch this movie

Thursday, February 25, 2010

skywatch friday

here's the quote i was looking for last week "....the cloud cover that normally caused the sky over Seattle to resemble cottage cheese that had been dragged nine miles behind a cement truck...." (Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume)

fortunately we had more sun than not this week- beautiful blue skies and snow in fairfield

and blue skies and fluffy clouds over boise. when it wasn't raining.

to see more skies around the world, visit skywatch friday

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

grrrr, effin' explorer, effin' blogger

here's what i wrote after trying several times to upload photos: "well, i'd like to have photos to post, but either blogger or explorer has issues & i am not in the mood to fight them."

every time i give up the damn thing works. lesson there? maybe.... regardless- here's what i wrote (now with pics) b4 things opted in

"so, meager descriptives:

2 collage done, i think, hope to be able to share soon."

"farm bldgs on red background same."

"quinc nickel azo wash on the light molding paste on the red base worked out quite well."

"market meeting tonight. rates going to $40 per saturday (9:30-1:30). considering that i seldom covered the previous $25 (last year $30)- and that's not counting parking or my time- i'm seriously considering bagging it, no matter how much i have enjoyed the market in the past. we'll see how the other folks who share the booth feel."

and not previously blogged about...... the blue wash in the crackles & wrinkles of the tree piece works well. i messed up by trying to preserve the transfer (the medium made the image run) but i will do another transfer & all will be good.....

that's it for now- hasta la bye bye

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

and on...

here's where the tree piece started tonight-

i added some paper and some washes of quincadrone nickel azo on the tree piece. also a 50/50 mix of soft gloss gel & water to seal the crackle paste so i can do a wash to emphasize the cracks without soaking into the paste. coming along nicely i think.

i worked some more on the collage and am feeling closer to done.

and i experimented with some modeling paste through a stencil and was pretty happy with the results- it ended up cleaner than i feared, and will be a nice background pattern. i'm hoping that it will absorb color and stand out from the red. we'll see!

and that's it for now. it's fun playing while watching the olympics- sometimes it's good to not overthink things, which is when art night or art while watching tv comes in really handy.

Monday, February 22, 2010

texture and color

more background work. this is the crackle paste with a wash of quincadrone nickel azo.
and a layer of rice paper for added texture & to bury the tree a bit. this will be more transparent when it dries.
then some red. this was going to be the background for the raven, but that didn't seem quite right.
then i saw this laying on my art table (there are benefits to not being tidy! really!) this is metal tape on watercolor paper coated with digital grounds and then put through the printer.
this is blurry, but basically the image will be held on the background with a piece of plexi, which will probably be held in place with carpet tacks. the background echos the colors of the print. i'm liking it and look forward to having a better photo to share.
quinc nickel azo rub on this to tone down & tie in the numbers. it is really really close.
and that's it.... watching the olympics & working on art is good! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

misc weekend stuff

my first attempt at colored pencil. it is awful, but you have to start somewhere! i did find out that the pencil covers better on paper for graphite, that the white pencil is a good blender & that i don't think i want to try any sort of realistic looking background behind the goddesses. but i like the van gogh-y thing.

i bought some pumice gel, which can be used as a pastel ground or to prepare surfaces to take graphite. thought i'd try it on some masonite (after gesso) and then try colored pencil on this. assuming that i can do something not hideous with them at some point.
and i got back to work on some of the backgrounds for the metal pieces. this will have the tree on it (surprise!). crackle paste on the left.
this is coming along. barb- the hands are still there! because it's a 2 thing the old song so happy together (tea for two and two for tea, no matter how they toss the dice it had to be the only one for me is you, and you for me....) kept coming in my head, which you see in the piece now. and yes that's a faucet handle from my favorite local art store, ace hardware. it's getting close.
beautiful in fairfield this weekend, blue skies & snow.
and some hoar frost this morning.
and now- time for bed-

Thursday, February 18, 2010

skywatch friday

it's been another gray week- these are sunday's touchable skies-

visit skywatch friday to see skies from around the world

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


here i am in ft worth, where the sun is shining..... ahhhh

the hotel i stay at is close to the trinity river and a nice greenbelt, very welcome after being in a plane & car all day.

these are the creepy ducks that roost in trees. there are hundreds of them and they creep me out. last time i blogged that one of them retaliated by pooping on me. i waited to blog this time until after the walk :)

saw 3 egrets & a great blue heron too....

and now for some doodling & olympics watching....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

heading out

well, i'm heading out to ft worth tomorrow, so the last few days have been full of stuff that needed to be done to get ready to go. and it has been like swimming upstream pretty much every step of the way in a continuation of last week, hence not much web activity.

i updated the laptop to windows 7 so that we can all access the desktop whether we're on it or not. still a few bugs to work out, but on the whole i think it will be good.

got the press release out for march gypsy gallery, got a surprise package mailed, the dogs have food and the check's in the bank- all that stuff that has to get done is done. the kindle is charging..... time to pour a glass of wine & plop down in front of the tv for a few minutes of olympics.

here's hoping there's sun in texas!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

signs of spring

woo hoo! i was so happy to see the snowdrops this morning!

the hyacinths are peeking out
and the hellebore getting ready to bloom....
little bit of art done this evening, some background work, a wash of my fave quinacridone/ nickel azo gold.

this is at that scary it will never look good again phase
i went back over the stencil in the lower left with prussian blue, which anchors that corner better. also added some interference blue dots.
added a wash of quinc nickel azo and the crown on the raven's head. improving. and barb- the hands are still there :)

backing up the laptop to upgrade to windows 7. then we can share things & not have stress about who gets to use the desktop. good theory. we'll see :)

fun watching the olympics- looking forward to doing that all week-