Sunday, December 5, 2010


first, another hike to start the day- 3 women & 4 dogs this time. snowing lightly to start, then blue skies.

home, finished warren zevon's bio (tortured guy, great talent who was not much recognized in life), a nap (beat- who knows why?) then the studio. 

i was a bit disappointed in how dark the background is & now the tree doesn't really show. more so when i realized that i didn't save the crop of the tree image, so i probably won't  be able to replicate. poured a layer of self leveling gel on while i'm contemplating. one thought is a layer of something to knock back the writing then another transfer. but maybe i'll decide it's OK.

i've had this for a while- needed to figure out a frame, since the dreaded no non- framed stapled canvas fracas at the gallery (sides were painted, of course, no one would know- unless they looked- which "some one" surely would). i am not crazy about this frame (started whitewashed), but thought if i painted it maybe it would work.

layers of washes & glazed later i think we're getting closer. probably a wash of nickel quince azo to warm it up & we'll be OK- and I'll have 24 of my 56 linear inches of new art for january!

threw a bit of gesso on this one, to knock back some of the elements. thinking i should actually draw a dragonfly instead of using a purchased stamp.

so now i'm going to print out some dragonfly photos & go watch football & try to draw. ACK!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Doesn't the *framing* issue drive you nuts? If the edges are painted, well......not going there. Sometimes I like the indents from the staples to give more texture, but then, galleries always have their set rules.
Sorry the tree transfer disappeared---it was so amazing! I'm sure you'll be able to come up with a creative solution.
I'm off to take the giganto hanging off the wall and start facing out the edges on the floor....


becky said...

Hi Marianne, stopping by to see what you're up to... & it looks like busily creating! glad you have the time to get out & walk w/ the girls & the dogs... that's something i miss when i'm traveling~ the companionship of good girlfriends! are you familiar with "enjoy every sandwich?" it's a tribute to warren zevon- his songs sung by other artists.. i was just listening to it the other day.
be well, enjoy the season!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

What a GORGEOUS snowy photo! And the ones in the previous post of your friends and the dogs is great too.

I don't ever have to deal with the framing issue, and can imagine it's a real pain - not to mention an extra cost. I have loads of embroidered panels waiting to be framed, and unless you can do it yourself it's really expensive. But what I wanted to say was that the types of pieces you produce are often 'complete' just as they are - without frames. It's a shame the gallery can't take that into consideration, and just have a blanket policy on this.