Saturday, December 4, 2010

snowy saturday

first, a lovely snowy hike-

four women & 6 dogs- great company, fine way to start the day- in fact it was so much fun we're going to do it again tomorrow:)

home to make chili, do laundry & a bit of reading. then zella & i went to see sue latta's exhibit at VaC. great show. then we came back, christened the studio with a bit of bubbly (thanks zella!) and then juried the emerging artist show that we're having at art source in january. amazed at the number of photos including frames, crooked, etc. incomplete apps. makes you wonder how badly some of these folks want to get their art out there. but that's why we're doing this- to help them understand how to be professional.

then some studio time (steve went on the first back country ski trip of the year, so he was gone all day). i've had these floor joist scraps for a few years and have made some art with them. this piece has part of the words "georgia pacific" on it and seemed to be calling out for a tree to go with that.

i have discovered that ace brand caulk (which is a siliconized acrylic caulk like elmer's) works for the type of transfer i do. yay! no more hunting down the elusive elmer's.

this is a shot of the transparency smoothed over the caulk-

peeling back the transparency after burnishing & letting set for a few minutes-

image left on the wood. once the caulk dries it will be clear & the words will show through. i just love the detail of the limbs. i will probably have to stop myself & leave this as is instead of tinkering.

here are the other projects worked on today- a bit of this, a bit of that.... and more to come tomorrow. have i mentioned how much i love my studio?


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Absolutely love that tree transfer! WOW!
Also, the other things happening in studio. (I learned alcohol hand gel cleans glass palettes good....)
Per the frames/photos not being square---used to go through this a lot----people having frames falling apart that they would bring in for hanging. Get offended if they were told, You know, it has to hold together to be hung...... ;)
I hear ya!
Happy Snow Day!


Barb said...

DO NOT touch that tree - it's done! Love the first photo of your snowy hike with friends.