Tuesday, December 28, 2010

preparing for the demo

so after i re-read the letter about the demo i contacted the woman who is organizing things to ask how many people she thought would be there, what the set up is, etc. she said to expect 40 people. now i'm a bit freaked out! that goes from a quick demo at the metal arts guild straight into feeling like teaching a class. yikes!

so i threw together an artist bio, found a fairly recent not too scary photo to include (yeah, i've known about this since august- what's your point?) and put together this outline:

here's what I plan to demonstrate:

• Photo transfers using caulk-
   o inkjet
   o laser or copy

• Create texture with:
   o tissue paper
   o embossed paper
   o applying paper, then tearing back off
   o adhering odds & ends
   o pushing medium through a stencil (examples of glass gel bead, fiber, crackle & light modeling paste)
   o using caulk , extra heavy gesso, heavy soft gel medium, clear tar gel

• How different mediums take acrylic paint

• Ways to add paint to create texture
   o saran wrap
   o paper towels
   o glazes
   o alcohol drops

• Discuss appropriate substrates

• Provide a list of resources

the outline made me more comfortable- obviously i've given this more thought than i realized, though 2 hours is still quite a long time to talk (and demonstrate). anyone have any other ideas? did i miss anything?

here's how the medium examples turned out- plain on the left, paint mixed in in the center & paint on top- both thinned with water & full strength on the right. this was a useful exercise for me too, as i generally apply paint on top- and will probably continue down that road, b/c i do like the effect best, but at least now i know.

i'd love to hear any feedback on my proposed outline- if there's something you've seen me do on the blog that you think is cool & should be included, for example, please let me know. or if anything sounds really geeky. 

i am feeling none too spunky & missed a BOSCO marketing meeting tonight, which i feel bad about, but it was good to make progress on this, and good not to go breathe on people or to have to be out in the cold wet nasty weather. time to down some emergen-c and go to bed.


Barb said...

Be sure to add - "what you start with, or even what's in the middle will be gone by the time you have your finished product!" Tell them not to get too attached to anything! Change is the name of the game. (Gosh, you'll actually be teaching a life lesson as well as art, Marianne.) I wish I was there to see your demo. You're a natural teacher. Best of Luck - I'll be thinking of you.

Diane said...

Love your outline, Marianne. I WISH i was attending. It sounds wonderful & you will be fabulous...I don't doubt that for a moment! Best of luck to you!

becky said...

I'm catching up on your blog backwards, LOL.
Dang, I'd love to go to this demo. Oh, you'll be fine.... the 2 hours will fly by~
I'm sure there will be lots of questions along the way, too. At the end, you'll probably feel there wasn't enough time! good luck & have fun!