Tuesday, December 21, 2010

plaster experiments & 2 more done

the plaster of paris that i spread on the board was cracked & loose. the loose part i get- b/c i should have roughed up the particle board or used the rough side. the split, not so much, unless 60 is just too cold, or i didn't have the plaster mixed quite right. i can use parts for texture & experiment with paint & transfers on them, so all is not lost.

the plaster on burlap fared better. i mixed some soft matte gel medium with water 50/50 and added a smidge of raw sienna. thought the mixture was worth a try to keep the plaster from crumbling- it's what i use on crackle gel medium to keep it from flaking. i then went back & added an ochre glaze with some gac 200 mixed in. my hope is that it sinks in, leaving the cracks visible & giving me the ability to glaze & have it sink into them. we'll see.

finished these two. i left this so you can see the edges created by the floor joist. happy with the way that the framing element ended up- i like the spots of color that point to the image and the darker frame on top & bottom.

and a 6x6- thanks anne for suggesting going lighter to knock back the face- between that & my idea of continuing the dot pattern the face receded but is still recognizable.

tomorrow night will be watching boise state's bowl game- not a bcs game, but what the heck. probably be some doodling going on. studio time thursday- we'll see how the plaster evolves!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Okay, after a whole victorian house of plastering, let me share my experiences/horrors.
You were right the plain panel needed tooth for the plaster to hold, and maybe more than the backing. All smooth finishing plaster has very rough grey plaster under it--that's what goes onto the lathe. So even the rough side might not be enough to hold it without the addition of a layer of rough fabric or something else.
Since it was a thin (relatively) layer and cool temps, it just dried too quick. When I would plaster in the house it was around 68 degrees.
I keep a box of Budgie Grit---not for the birds but to add the things like thick gesso and gel mediums for rough texture--can be adjusted to as much or little as you want.
Love both the finished pieces!


dthaase said...

great post

becky said...

so much experimentation & fun. i can't wait to get in "one place," so i can start doing art again!