Sunday, December 12, 2010

long time, no post- but i have been working!

can't believe i haven't posted since tuesday- but then i was in ft worth wed & thurs & out friday night & hiked, went to an art show & played in the studio yesterday & hiked & studio time again today.

got 2 pieces finished & a few others well on the way. i should be in good shape for new work in the gallery in january. and, yes, should i sell something before that too.

this is 6x6 called transcendent. the heart is on vellum, the bird is a transfer (in this photo still on the transparency, checking to see if i like it) and the face is a stamp on rice paper.

bird after (caulk & apollo transparency) transfer. one thing i don't like about the caulk method is that sometimes i get pretty definite edges, so i scratched designs in to give it texture & break things up.

lower right corner needed something, so i went thru the photos & found the branches below. you see what i mean about the edges in this photo.

and the finished piece- i think that the branches do a nice job of tying the piece together & the scratches i made in the caulk at top mimic their shape. also, the taller curved branch at right is half of a heart shape.

this is 10x10, called be the change (clever names are not my strong suit!). i was kind of stuck until i hit on the idea of doing the alcohol drop pattern. did a wash of diluted quincedrine nickel azo & dropped rubbing alcohol on to make the circles. i like the added layer and the way it unifies the piece.

i still hate this and am hoping for inspiration before i put LOTS of spendy mediums on it then toss it away!
i also re-did the tree, will show later- hopefully it worked better this time.

walked in office depot today & saw a hp color laserjet (srp $229) on sale for $49. floor model. full return in 14 days if it doesn't work. i now have a laserjet. there are lots of transfer techniques that want laser prints, so i might try them now that i can print at home instead of going out to make copies.

other than that- another busy week- emerging artist show meeting tuesday evening, shawn mullins wed evening and then another busy weekend (holiday season you know!)
 so it might be kinda quiet!

have a great week all-


Jul said...

I enjoy reading about all the different processes you use - makes me want to learn something new! And your results are so nice. I love the layers.

Judy Wood said...

That's an astonishing buy on the colour laser printer. I thought mine was a steal at the same price and it's a mono one, no colour. Good grabbing on your part!

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Marianne, I like your mixed media pieces! It must be a challenge composing these pieces. The results are intriguing, mysterious and wonderful! I stopped by from CED. Festive!