Monday, December 6, 2010

it's good to sell things, right?

except- ack- i don't have anything ready to go! so it was studio night tonight. i'm off to ft worth early wed, so no more studio time til friday or saturday. hard to create on demand, but probably good discipline. i now have 3-4 canvasses open, b/c i couldn't decide for sure what direction to go, but the ideas started percolating, so that's good.

happy with the way this one is progressing-

i wasn't sure what the right addition would be, and i think this was a good solution. of course, it needs more- maybe words (be the change? something like that) on the left.

this is one i was hoping to have ready tomorrow. i hate the leaf on the right- it didn't turn out at all like i envisioned. 

so i covered it up- which also provided some much needed lightness. this should be OK once the medium dries.

i tried mixing interference green into the high solid gel medium that i pushed thru a stencil for the frog. hoping it dries transparently green. this should also be done tomorrow.

i've had the rose transfer for a while, and never been quite sure where i wanted to use it. we'll see how this goes- crackle paste around the bottom, and ideas of adding beads or glass bead gel medium. we'll see.

one thing i did discover- things with heavy applications of medium dry much better in the house at 68 than in the studio at 60! 

probably no art tomorrow- stay tuned for travel pix-


Pavinee said...

I like how you covered up the leaves panel. It gives a different unique feeling :-)

A lot of things to appreciate today!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I hear you on the heavy applications drying. When I do any of them I try and keep the studio at around 70, as that seems to be perfect for a decent drying time, the way they should. Used a load of crackle paste the other evening and thankfully, it dried right. I am never sure......
Love what you have going on!


B @ Sweet Limes said...

I can't believe how much you are getting done and the fact that they are coming together so beautifully.