Friday, December 3, 2010


got an email from a designer who wondered if i had any of the modern botanical images on a light background. not really, why?

well, working with a client and wanted something on a lighter background. OK, i can photoshop it and see how that works, which piece?

the one below- which i don't think will show off especially well on a lighter background and when i got the email that ecru was the color she wanted it gave me pause. it has officially moved from art (my art) to design at this point.

i'll probably give it a shot anyway, just to see how it looks, but it does raise questions for me about art vs. design & where & how much i feel OK about changing things. if i think it looks awful i will probably opt out. but i'll have picked up a new photoshop skill. of course, i might think it looks great but want too much for the finished product. it will be intersting to see how it plays out.

i may not even be able to get a clean change on the background now that i look at it, because there is quite a bit of depth & background imagery in this.


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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Tread very carefully in this area.....soon they ask you to change the color of your soul.
Been there, won't go again if I starve.
And if you do manage a light BG on this, I would love to see it. I cannot imagine the color popping the way it does on dark....
My 2 cents for what they are worth, which is probably less than 2 cents!