Thursday, December 23, 2010

a day off

what a nice start to the holidays! took a walk this am and it was beautiful! only 2 women & 4 dogs this time, but a good time was still had by all-

then- grocery store, lunch, couch time, meeting with some folks who are opening an event/meeting/party spot in a building that was formerly an art gallery & who were interested in having some of my art in for sale (yay- so cool when people come to you b/c they have seen your work & like it!),trip to office depot for ink it turned out i didn't need, made dinner, then studio time.

set up the printer. it's like magic- the laptop is networked into the desktop so i can print any one of 9 million photos if i can just find what i want. the printer is wireless, which makes moving the laptop around just that much easier.

plaster experiment coming along wonderfully. love the texture and the gel medium/gac combo has indeed made it less crumbly. the bad part is it's less absorbent too, so the thing is to do anything that wants to soak in before preserving it. also not crazy about shiny, but matte gel will fix that.

this after some titan white on top & some quincedrine nickel azo all over. i really love the way it's headed. didn't mean to be so 50/50 on the colors- i was going to do a tree transfer, but it is too uneven, working on plan b. also need to figure out how to mount & hang.

i also started some new pieces. notice how the birds are running in the lower right corner. i don't happen to mind it here, but am hoping to avoid that in the future by using the laser printer- or the epson which has water resistant ink. that's why i have 4 printers! (ACK!)

this canvas has the dreaded staples instead of being a gallery wrap, so the tissue is wrapped around the edges & there will be more paint & i won't have to frame the damn thing. that's the plan anyway.

posting likely to be sporadic the next few days- wishing you a joyous holiday season-

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Postcards from Wildwood said...

Congrats on the approach for art work for sale! Well done - and you deserve it. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, my Native American Twin!