Thursday, December 16, 2010


time of year too busy for much art making. and lots of fun stuff going on, but i am also dying to have studio time. next thurs i have the whole day off and nothing that i HAVE to do (other than walk dogs). studio!

i did manage top get the studio printer out of the box & hooked up tonight- we now have 3 hp printers (photosmart for everyday, all in one for work, & the new laserjet) and 2 epsons ( r2400- awesome! and the 610 workforce below). and they all serve different purposes. the only one that might be extraneous is the studio one, below, but it will be nice to be able to print and scan out there, and it was a great deal for a pigment ink printer.

while hooking up, i took a look around & saw this- which will hopefully morph into some sort of jack of hearts piece.....

and did a smidge of prep work for the next experiment- plaster & transfers- home ec finally comes in handy! the old pull the thread to give yourslef a straight line to cut trick.....

ready to go- i'll have to find time to make the plaster substrate (or a few of them) before next thursday when i plan to play. the idea behind using the burlap is that it can be cracked to add interest. uncharted territories here, but guessing plaster should take transfers like any absorbent surface. we'll see!

off to play in the snow this weekend- hasta!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Can't wait to see these results!


Cowgirl Red said...

Love the music. Makes me want to check in with you everyday to expereince some new music. Expand my horizens. Terah