Monday, December 27, 2010

catching up

revisiting mixed emulsions by angela cartwright. it was one of the first mixed media books i bought, lots of great ideas for incorporating photography into mixed media work, and for altering photos.

the photos below started black & white- the top is a laser print, the other 2 regular inkjet plain paper. all may well find their way into finished pieces in the future. in the meantime, it was fun doodling while watching movies.

i took today off, and got some studio time in this afternoon. this is a photo printed on rice paper with heavy soft gel around the outside. the medium will dry clear. i stamped bubble wrap in for texture.

continuing the photo theme, i cut the windows out of this & glued the door on this piece. trying to figure out where to go from here, but like it so far.

here's the other one that was started last week. i glued pieces of plaster on with light modeling paste- we'll see if it works.

i also got started on the workshop i'm doing next week on texture. the left is the medium plain, in the center with paint added and the right side will be with paint added on top of the medium.

oops- just read what they want me to do, and i missed sending the info last week & it sounds like i need to plan something out to finish in 2 hours, rather than a demo- good thing i looked! these will still come in handy- and i am going to follow up, b/c it is difficult to complete something using various mediums in 2 hrs b/c of drying time. i'll figure something out.....


Barb said...

Hi Marianne, Playing catch-up after being off the computer for awhile. Looks as though you're busy and starting lots of projects in the new studio. I like that top sketch.

Pam McKnight said...

nice work! Where are you teaching your class?

Vikki North said...

Gorgeous as always! Just wanted to stop by and wish you a wonderful New Year.

becky said...

Yes, I've finally got the day off, so it's coffee & catching up. Oooooh, thanks Marianne for the tip on that book. I think that shall be my New Year's gift to myself!
p.s. I LOVE that cactus! very cool. i can't wait to see what it morphs into. I love seeing your process!