Tuesday, December 14, 2010


we had a workshop for the emerging artist exhibition tonight where we talked about correct presentation of art and how to frame properly, etc. no sawtooth hangers, no cheap falling apart frames, no scratched plexi- you all know the drill.

it is very cool to see how excited these artists- of all ages, experience and ability levels- are to be in their first juried show. feels odd for me to be the one up there being the "expert"- i am certainly well versed in lots of areas & have plenty of strong opinions in others, but as an artist who is not formally trained i'm not real comfortable jurying or critiquing. so it's a growth experience & i am lucky to have mentors to help me.

one question that came up was "what is selling now- florals, landscapes, animals?" i think we must have looked sort of blank, b/c what followed was an explanation that there was no point in trying to compete with really good botanicals b/c it would take years to get there, but maybe there was another area that would be worth pursuing.

i went down the follow your passion path, while allowing that some people do fine creating for the market most of us do best following our passion and letting the market find us. or not. which got me thinking about the path i've been on- there's certainly a wide variety of work. i do think, though, that all of my work does "hang together" just fine- it all looks like i did it, in one way or another- b/c of color, composition or graphic quality- or maybe i just want to think that!

anyway- it all started with photography-

then, at 40, i decided to see if i could paint-

from landscapes to animals-

still lifes were less successful-

playing with digital photographic possibilities- this part of a series done on scanners-

my first efforts at incorporating photos into mixed media pieces-

miriam tells me about transfers, which opens up a whole new world of photo/ paint possibilities-

the heart monoprint series

and mixed media incorporating a fascination with texture with my photos and other graphic elements

there are a lot of different media here, but i firmly believe that each informs what follows. the work tends to come in series- some want to be explored, some are over quickly. i can't imagine summoning up the energy to paint the 101st barn (or cat or house with a cheery light in the window) because i knew it would sell, not b/c i was excited to see how different i could make number 101.

of course, i am not trying to keep a roof over my head by selling art, and that could change things a bit, but the most successful artists i know keep growing and experimenting and learning, not worrying about whether people are buying landscapes or fruit baskets.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You know, I think you captured the essence of real *art* as opposed to commercial decorating items.
I know a woman who has done the same type of oil paintings for years because they sell. They are technically very good----and have absolutely no SOUL.
The sad thing is she has the talent to move beyond what she is doing, but she consistently juries into certain shows, and maybe that's all that matters.
I would rather have the adventure of the voyage--like you--than sitting in a little pool that keeps reflecting the same thing.....


Cowgirl Red said...

Hi marrianne, I'm just joined CED. Your journey in art inspires me, and I love the music. Terah Cowgirl Red

Pam McKnight said...

Great post, I loved seeing the evolution of your style. I have not posted nor had the chance to look at other blogs for over a month, so doing some catching up. Can't wait to do art together again!