Thursday, December 30, 2010

52 linear inches

i need 52 linear inches (horizontal) of new art every month for the gallery. i'll have been in for a year now in january, so i suppose i could start rolling things back thru that didn't sell last year, but that seems wrong for a variety of reasons. the only possible exception being putting a bunch of hearts in for february. mostly what i'm selling are 6x6 pieces- but i'd need 8 of those a month just to swap out, not counting selling anything.

then there's the gallery in eagle and a few other opportunities that have come up. so i feel like whenever i have a long weekend or extra time it's a good idea to get as far ahead as i can. i would like to enter a few juried shows, but worry about whether what i'm making is good enough to enter. i guess i'll just jump on it when i can and trust things will work out- which they always do.

anyway- another 6x6 done-

thought i would show the process on this one. it's 14x11 canvas.

i painted the canvas with left over blues & reds and wanted texture (and to hide the staples on the sides) so i added a layer of tissue paper, adhered with gloss gel medium-

after a few washes on top of the tissue, i added the image below,  which is from a photo i took and printed on rice paper. i hoped that the rice paper would be more transparent & show the colors underneath, but it didn't work that way. it looked too separate from the background, so i added a layer of heavy soft gel & stamped into it with bubble wrap for overall texture-

after that step-

i also added fiber paste over the staples ( can you tell i do not want to start buying frames?)

i drizzled carbon black airbrush paint around the photo, and like the way the edges are softened. also painted the fiber paste & outside edges black. then i watered down some cobalt & washed the whole thing to tie it all back together. it might be done now.

that would put me 26.5 inches up for february, unless i sell something (which would be good). halfway there! i have a couple of other pieces working too, so there's a bit of a cushion. whew.

have tomorrow off- hiking with women & dogs in the morning, cooking, cleaning & some creating during the day & then friends over for a late dinner & to ring in the new year. wishing all of you a splendid entry into 2011-


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love that top piece with the doors, but then I love old doors!
The trees turned out great; plus, the fiberpaste on the edges is the perfect solution to the frame issue.
I can't imagine these framed---they look perfect as is. A frame would only take away from the painting.....but then, I don't make the rules. ;-)

XXOO~~And Happy New Year!

becky said...

Hi Marianne!
I haven't made it by in awhile & wanted to see what you have been up to. I love the top piece with the doors... it feels like the doorway to the future! I would definitely go for the juried shows & not worry whether what you're making is "good enough." It certainly is! I love the trees, too. How are you printing the image on rice paper? What sort of printer & ink? I'd love to take a workshop w/ you someday...
Sounds like you have a perfect day planned.
Happy New Year!

Barb said...

Happy New Year, Marianne! I came by to see how your demo went, but you didn't mention it. I assume A-OK! I really like the doors with the music and bird - it's creating a story in my head. You need to just drop the apprehension and do some juried shows. What can you lose? (Listen to me advising...)