Thursday, November 11, 2010

photo opp

the dogs & i had a beautiful walk this morning- and the trails were pretty empty, too. lovely way to start the day!

got more work done on the studio- shelves bought & put together, started throwing things in boxes. with any luck at all, the last of the floor will be painted & the wiring done tomorrow, then i can start moving in! and making art again- it's almost that time of month to start thinking about what i'm going to swap out.... i am (not for the first- or, i'm sure the last time) wishing i could put photography in. but i can't. oh well!

happy friday!


Barb said...

Those first photos look frosty and cold. The last - a warmth spreading, with mist over the city - my favorite.

iHanna said...

Your work from yesterday is so cool - and so are these beautiful photos. Lovely!

becky said...

Looks like a frostily lovely morning for a walk. I'm currently in sunny So Cal, where the weather is delightfully warm & sunny.
Can't wait to see the finished studio... I will try my best not to be jealous!

WrightStuff said...

Incredible scenery and photographs.

Leah said...

gorgeous views! feels wintry. :-)