Sunday, November 28, 2010

mini art

i got some new magnets made last night- they're on 3x3 canvasses. these have been doing ok at the gallery & should be good stocking stuffers. i have first thursday and a gypsy gallery coming up this week.

hanging day at the gallery, where we swap out & move around art. here's part of my work ( not the photo of the door, though). it always amazes me when artists don't take out pieces that have been hanging for a while & haven't sold. i am always interested in trying something new. you can always put the others back in. oh well- hoping for good luck with these! i bet the dragonfly goes- they seem popular.

almost the end of art every day month. hopefully i will keep the doodle habit going- i think it's good to make myself do something arty and equally good to let it be a doodle or some sort of experiment- in other words, not be pressured to make a finished product. though i need 56 linear inches of new work before january 2 :)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Your wall looks great! I think the 3x3's are such a wonderful size to work on (aside from the fact they are affordable art for folks, or a good impulse purchase)
I know the one I did was just like eating candy---one piece is good but I wanted to have MORE!
And you'll meet you're deadline... ;)


Leah said...

The wall looks fabulous!!

I love the pieces with the birds.

Barb said...

Your colors really pop, Marianne!