Monday, November 8, 2010

favorite images

one thing i love about using my photography in my mixed media pieces is that i can explore images that speak to me in many ways.

today's art was completed from a cyanotype that i did in saturday's class. This is an image that i use regularly- with great feedback, i might add. i liked the print, but felt that the sky could be more developed & push the words back a bit.

so i got out the colored pencils- i knew they would come in handy some day- and went to work. like it better- next step probably involves canvas & gel medium

several people in the class commented on the image. this is one that i have used many times over the years- it speaks to me- and apparently not to me alone- each piece below is in someone's home, hopefully being enjoyed-

and this is where it started- a too dark, not very good photo of 2 sheds against a stormy sky. but it said something to me, so i played with it- and continue to.

do you have repeating images? do you photograph or paint the same subject in much the same way but with a different spin over & over?

this subject is very interesting to me, because i have several images that i use repeatedly and images that i am always drawn to photograph- like trees against the sky. love to know what you think-


dewatobay said...

Photography is an artform that IMHO is directly connected to our subconscience. When we decide to look through the lens and snap, our subconscience is close to the surface (sort of speak).

It is special when you have other art skills and then are able to transform your shots in ways that speak to even more people

speaking of photos, I have taken 1200 shots in three weeks! yikes.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

One of the things I love about your work is the use of repeat images; I tend to do it with similar things---maybe no *a* particular image but one in different styles...a little variation. That's sort of what I need to keep my mind active! But I still have a small assortment on things I use A LOT.


becky said...

My favorite is where the buildings are red & the fields are yellow. Makes me think of Eastern Oregon or Montana. I do not paint (yet) but when I do clay, I tend to make bears... a lot! Just something I enjoy doing... SOMEDAY I will do a huge piece or installation! (You heard it here first!) I\
It's interesting how we are drawn to do certain things...
love seeing your process!

dandelionlady said...

I would have loved to have been at your workshop. Too bad I live in michigan. Anyway, I also have repeating themes. I'm weirdly obsessed with powerlines and also with taking photos of one large tree filling the frame.