Tuesday, November 2, 2010

art every day month- sketching! oh no!

 one of the art related non art making things occupying time is the studio, which is making progress. i got the seams of the wall caulked. steve just put up particle board, which will work fine in the small space.

after a coat of primer. i got the first coat of white paint on tonight. getting close!

in keeping with aedm, 2 sketches. i haven't tried to draw anything in ages, and really had to force myself to do this, cuz it's scary, but not too terribly bad. who knows what could happen if i keep practicing?

and lastly, another shot of fall color.

have a creative day!


Missy said...

Cute sketches and pretty picture, love the colors of fall.

Barb said...

Creative on three different fronts today, Marianne! Who knew you could caulk?

Leah said...

yay for cute little dog sketches! :-)

marianne said...

thanks all!

barb- ha ha! other than using it for transfers anyway-

leah- yay for cute dogs anyway! :)