Saturday, November 27, 2010

breaking in my new studio :)

i love my new studio!

margie & nancy came over to help me break it in this afternoon. plenty of room for the 3 of us- maybe even one more- and a dog or two.

i've had these dolls on my dresser & decided the studio would be a better place for them to live. a studio should have art in it after all- someone else's is good too.

 this is mine and i thought it was wonderful between the windows- then i realized i was 23 inches short on new art for the month & this is 24 in wide. so it will go in w/ a big price & i'll swap it out when i can. 

play! real art instead of doodling!

the finished pieces for the evening:


Postcards from Wildwood said...

Wow! What a fantastic space you've created! What a difference it will make to your art time - and probably a difference to the rest of the house too! It looks wonderful, and your art pieces here and there really add to the experience.

But what a surprise - I have a native American woman almost exactly the same as yours! I bought her in Ontario (possibly Toronto, possibly at the McMichael museum) in 1990. Mine is darker than yours. Her male companion is the same colour as yours, and since they are handmade there are a few little differences - mine has plaits (braids) and her tunic is longer so the skirt or tassels showing below are much shorter than yours. The name etched into the bottom is KEENA. What a coincidence!

dthaase said...

these are fabulous - great work

Barb said...

Well, I hope you had some good wine to celebrate! What a great space, Marianne.