Wednesday, November 10, 2010


last night we had a workshop at the gallery for emerging artists on how (and why) to enter juried shows & how to photograph artwork. it was so strange to be answering questions as though i know what i'm talking about! but then i realized that i do. i had so many people (zella being one of them) answering questions & encouraging me when i started out that it's really nice to be able to do the same.

here are some things i started the other night. 

remember this nice cyanotype?

halle decided that she needed more fiber in her diet and distressed it for me. here's what's left on a 6x6 canvas. i may echo the leaves with a transfer, we'll see.

two more cyanotypes. the left is on lutradur, a fabric.

and a 5x7.  

these small pieces are a pita to hang at the gallery ( i had a slight skirmish with someone at the airport about that too), but i have sold 2-3 of them every month for the last several months, which is paying my rent (and contributing to the gallery's overhead) so i'm going to keep making them as long as i'm inspired to do so.

not sure where any of these are going, but it will be fun to find out.

the floor is painted in the gallery, except for one spot. the work table is in and i am itching to start moving stuff out there. maybe shelves & stuff this weekend- woo hoo!

i also got a goody box from blick today- including more small canvasses (i need to make more magnets too) and some aribrush paint, which i can't wait to experiment with. lots of art fun ahead!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Is the dog still alive???
(dare I ask.....)
The small pieces are so nice--I think affordability is key to sales now, and small fits everywhere.
Hope you're in your studio soon!


B @ Sweet Limes said...

You've been busy! That last one of the crows is great. Not sure why I'm drawn to it but I am.

Barb said...

Oh, gosh - the second doesn't even look like it came from the first. You have taught me to let go of expectations, Marianne. I do like the distressed one - reminds me of earth water, sky. Still yucky here...

Leah said...

the cyanotypes look great! bad dog! ;-)

Bobbi Lewin said...

I really like the birds:)

dthaase said...

wonderful work

marianne said...

thanks all!

@anne- it's operator error- never leave anything you don't want to lose in chewing range. they're usually really good, but every once in a while....

@barb- ues, well after the dog ate half of it i needed plan b!

@bobbi & b- thanks! i like them too- they remind me of grandmothers for some reason.

@leah & dthaase- thanks, and thanks for stopping by!

becky said...

did I mention i want to learn this?!?
gorgeous pieces! i'm especially drawn to the 3 birds.