Monday, November 1, 2010

art every day month

it's november, and that means it's art every day month

which is a great challenge from leah at creative every day who ".....started this project eight years ago as a challenge to myself to create some art every day for one month and post it on my blog..." Leah's idea is to get people who participate to focus on art for the month. since i started this blog in january of 2008 to help me be more focused on making art i love this challenge and the reminder to create.

my blog has helped me be more productive and more creative. it has also helped me realize all of the ways i work on my art even though i am not physically creating. those things include, sadly, things like meetings and spreadsheets; and, more enjoyably, reading about art & talking to other artists. i have to honor the meeting/spreadsheet time as well as the time actually spent creating or i can put way too much pressure on myself. (i also have to admit that i kind of love spreadsheets, but it isn't like making art).

anyway, art every day month started with a meeting of the local open studios group. it started as an informal session to discuss how to do better & turned into more of a meeting. the second one the group has had this year. not called by an officer, tho the pres & vp were in attendance. reminding me yet again that no matter how much i hate to admit it structure is really important. but there is a difference between structure & strangulation. (hmmm- life lesson- applies to dog training, art, groups, raising children as far as i can tell). we'll see if the group has the will & motivation to move forward. i want to know the vision first, but we seem to have some good energy around making some changes- and having involvement instead of it being up to one or two people to do the work.

so i took my camera on the walk today, figuring that would be my only chance for making visual art- and all i could do about that was record someone else's art-

this time of year is a sight to behold.

happy art every day month! play! create! have fun! and appreciate the many ways you make art, even if there isn't a visible, measurable end result- it all adds up and will inform a masterpiece down the line :)

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Barb said...

I know you'll use Nature's art somewhere down the line, Marianne. Beautiful ode to fall.