Monday, November 29, 2010

another meeting, another doodle

i was not as successful using doodling as a technique to keep my mouth shut this time..... and yes, it was a long (but hopefully fruitful) meeting. my husband thought that taking the markers & doodling with them might be a bit much- he's probably right- so black ink in my notebook it is!

tomorrow night we set up gypsy gallery. looking forward to that, and the show is always fun (that's on thursday). busy week!


Diane said...

Well, it's lucky for us that you have a lot of meetings. I love this one too! This is probably a little odd reminds me of a dog peeking out at the bottom. A sweet little dog nose.
Keep doodling!

Barb said...

Do you mean - you couldn't keep your mouth shut or you couldn't use color to doodle? Either way, it seems the outcome was OK. (When your song came on, I thought it was my Skype ringing!)

marianne said...

diane- i see the dog nose! no surprise that one would show up!
barb- both! mostly keeping my mouth shut, tho. always gets me in trouble (like volunteered to help carry out my big ideas!)

Lynn A. Fraley said...

Love it Marianne -- should be used as the official minutes ;-)