Friday, October 15, 2010

the process

i am sometimes asked to provide tutorials and i know that when i post pieces as i build them it's hard to see a beginning to end picture, so i thought i'd provide that for a recent piece. what i love about the mixed media i've been doing is layers & texture.

this piece is 6x6. i often start with maps & pieces of sheet music, both being things i am drawn to. the map, music, pattern piece & leaf (which is a paper scrap) were adhered to gessoed canvas with matte gel medium. the fler de lis is a stencil. i like the color & thought the movement was OK, but couldn't get past this point.

playing around, i found that this piece of thin foam fit perfectly over the fleur stencil & moved the piece in a new direction. i had printed some transparencies to transfer for another piece and in shuffling through them set this one aside on this piece. voila! it told me where it wanted to go.

added a glaze of quinceadrone nickel azo and some orange to the moon, then transferred the image with my trusty elmer's caulk method. i wasn't sure how it would cover the gap between the foam & canvas, but it worked beautifully.

after the caulk dried, i gave the image a shot of spray varnish to preserve the transfer. added a glaze of prussian blue to knock back the map & provide the feel of the night sky and here we are-

i will do this more often in the future and figure out a way to put a link to tutorials (or just process blogs) somewhere on the sidebar. it is fun to see how pieces come to life and realize just how much they tell me where they want to go sometimes.

happy friday all!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Very nice visuals of getting from point *A* to point *B*.
I'm always amazed at how collage changes, and love it for that reason---even if nothing shows but texture from an underlayer that just did not cut it on it's own!


Marianna said...

Marianne, thanks for sharing. Your work really inspires me!

becky said...

LOVE this one!