Wednesday, October 27, 2010


it's always fun for me to see how a piece evolved from start to finish, especially when it has taken a while. i apologize up front for the color variations- the in progress shots taken in the house are a bit off, but you get the idea.

this started with some super heavy gesso that i scratched wiggly lines in. then i used it as a place to put left over pant- mainly prussian blue, but you can see some red on the right. the silver dots are from bubble wrap that i used on another piece &, again, dropped what was left of the paint here.

i've been reading books about layers & experimenting & texture, so i decided to add some crackle paste & light modeling paste. i stamped and drew circles in the wet paste to echo the bubble wrap. the design is light modeling paste pushed through a stencil. no idea why this one, but there are circles and swirly shapes that fit with the rest of the piece.

when the paste dried, i ran a wet paintbrush over it and added liquid irridescent bronze, which had been mixed with water & allowed to separate into bronze & blue. also used liquid turquoise. the paste sucked the color in & ran it together nicely.

ading texture & depth, i drizzled on clear tar gel, squiggly like the scratches on the bottom layer.

after that layer dried.

 the piece needed something to finish it. i decided to put self leveling gel over the whole thing for a smooth, glossy finish to tie it all together. you can't really tell, but there is gloss gel over the modeling & crackle paste to preserve it & the tar gel is glossy, but the rest was matte. i was also curious to see how the clear tar gel squiggles would show up.

masking tape around the edges, self leveling gel slathered on- with some areas higher than the gel layer.

and the finished product, which i think achieved the textural interest & feeling of layers i was after.

this was a fun one- i learned a lot, got to experiment and am happy with the outcome! yay! now if i could only come up with a name.....


Postcards from Wildwood said...

Wow! Interesting to see all those stages. I would have had no idea, just looking at the finished piece.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This is really interesting because I like both the second shot and the end result.
Amazing how something can go through these changes, still bear a semblence and feel for the start but come up with such personality!


Diane said...

Sometimes one has no idea of what all goes into something like this. It is "drop dead gorgeous" Marianne! I absolutely love the colors & all that textures. Wonderful work.

Marilyn said...

Great squiggles and textures here. Lots of depth in the layers too.