Friday, October 22, 2010

better photos

here are better shots of these 2 pieces:

it's hard to capture the depth of this one- the use of interference adds a mysterious reflective quality that you can only really see in person-

this is a much better representation of the color in this, though there are more variations than are visible here.

here's how my day was yesterday- which is why i'm posting this morning. maybe it's the full moon. whatever it is- i surrender,which will hopefully result in peace :)

have a great weekend all!


Barb said...

WOW the first has changed - a lot! I like the muting of color, though. Looks like you need some R & R if that last photo is any indication!

Kelly said...

I like the textures and the repeating cirles add a great sense of rhythm.

Diane said...

Very nice, Marianne. I love the texture on the top one & the variations of blue are gorgeous in the wnd one. Have a wonderful weekend!