Tuesday, October 19, 2010

art night

another lovely tuesday evening with nancy & pam & a bonus visit from margie who doesn't make art but is great company.

i had lots of stuff in between stages, so i worked on lots of pieces.


got a layer of what was meant to be a cerulean glaze with just a touch of pearl, but i was too heavy handed with the pearl, so i used a paper towel to create texture dabbing some off and then sanded and used alcohol to remove more. this is the transfer that i intend to use. i may try to scrape back a bit more, but it's getting there. i like the red showing thru and the movement in the sky.


became this. it's close- will have to look at it for a while. maybe a unifying wash but i don't know what color. maybe it's ok with a few touches of red in some spots. i do know i need to look for more old patterns, tho- love the dress!


became this with the addition of fluid bronze & fluid turquoise on the modeling & crackle pastes. i moistened the paste first & the color sucked right in. added a layer of gloss medium. i have explicit instructions from pam not to mess with this too much. :) will get a better color shot tomorrow, but it's a nice prussian blue, which is one of my favorites.

this (which i was really struggling with)

became this- with the addition of some tissue (if anyone has tissue from teva shoes please send it to me! i'm running out & love it) & the lighter paint circles. it's better, but i'm still not sure where it's going.

and then there's this, which was born tonight from extra paint & (i think) looks pretty good.

i sold 2 pieces at the gallery today- yay! 2 more small ones- a 6x6 and a 7x5. as much as people don't like to deal with hanging the smaller pieces that's what i've been successful with, so i'm going to keep making them. the bird & the 2 dresses are 6x6, the other 2 are larger. and that's it- off to bed- and hopefully more art tomorrow.

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Pam McKnight said...

you have been quite prolific lately, glad to see you are taking my comments to heart:) It is always great making art with you and Nancy!