Monday, October 18, 2010

and back to mixed media

back to some things i started open studios weekend- this started with a super heavy gesso which i made squiggly texture lines in and dropped left over paint, glazes & bubble wrap stamping on. prussian blue is one of my favorite colors, even tho it's kind of a tough background.

added light molding paste & crackle past in the lower left cornerand stamped some circles on. circles seem to be showing up all over. i decided to use the stencil & push light modeling paste thru-

and here it is- now to figure out what sort of glaze or paint washes to add once the pastes have dried. they'll be absorbant & i should be able to get some interesting effects.

this got this far along & no farther. i like the different layers of glazes and the idea of the circles, but am stymied as to next steps. it's been hanging in my office and not giving me any answers. i added an interference red glaze over the orange parts today. maybe some light colored shapes? arrows? more circles?

then these 2 backgrounds- algebra homework found in the gutter (doing my part to keep the streets clean:)) and other paper scraps

and a very busy paint pattern that i need to tone down somehow before i can do anything with this. i had a transfer in mind, but it will be fighting with what's here unless i do something. or change directions completely.

that's it- painting tomorrow night with pam & nancy as long as i don't get sick- feeling hopeful i'll be back to my normal self tomorrow. hasta-


becky said...

Hi Marianne,
I was walking thru some galleries in Santa Fe yesterday and saw some VERY EXPENSIVE mixed media pieces. I thought of you & your work. I don't know if it is "who you know," because I felt some of the work I saw was really great, but some not. When you do your art shows, I am guessing your work is fairly reasonably priced. The works I saw were thousands of dollars... except one small 8 x 10, which only went for one thousand! It makes me wonder how these people "get in."

dandelionlady said...

Well, I am continually amazed by what I see on your blog, it's beautiful and so inspirational!