Thursday, October 28, 2010

and another evolution

and here's the evoluntion of the other heavily layered piece. the usual map & sheet music on the left, a wash of quince nickel azo, tissue paper, a stencil. stuck

and then i started reading rheni tauchid's book the new acrylics and patti brady's rethinking acrylic and became intrigued by the idea of layers of glazes and the use of interference and iridescent paints. so i started adding- below some prussian blue in spots-

i drizzled clear tar gel for texture and dipped lids in heavy gloss gel and stamped circles. i also added the elements below- a cardboard 1/2 circle (from a soap container in a hotel- i liked the corrugated cardboard & brought it home to make art with- what a weirdo!), the large circle in the lower left cut out from dried  paint peeled off of a roller tray and the small dark "open here" from a box of wine (yeah, well.....)

noticing a theme, i googled the symbolism of circles and found:

The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement, God ('God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere' (Hermes Trismegistus)). As the sun, it is masculine power; as the soul and as encircling waters, it is the feminine maternal principle. "It implies an idea of movement, and symbolizes the cycle of time, the per petual motion of everything that moves, the planets' journey around the sun (the circle of the zodiac), the great rhythm of the universe. The circle is also zero in our system of numbering, and symbolizes potential, or the embryo. It has a magical value as a protective agent, ... and indicates the end of the process of individuation, of striving towards a psychic wholeness and self-realization" (Julien, 71).

added layers of glazes- some cadmium, more quince nickel azo and prussian, interference green, blue & red. i decided the black circle was too small & added what you see here. also added more circle stamps. like it, but it needs..... something..... and hangs in my office daily waiting to talk to me.

it was too bright, shiny & new- more prussian glaze, some iridescent copper- which i wiped back with alcohol. i also added some tissue (see the hands), which you can barely see, to provide some vertical linear movement in the center & on the left. and more circles, goopy titan white acrylic with washes on some spots, showing thru in others.

i liked it much better at this point, but still felt i was missing something. more days hanging on the wall. finally the numbers and linear semi circular stamp and now it feels done.

i am really happy with this, as it feels like the first abstract piece that i've been successful with. love the levels of layers, the depth and richness of color (which doesn't come through in the photo). i like the texture & find it interesting for those reasons. i bet people want to touch this, get up close to it and look at it for a long time.

i feel like i learned & solved some things and ended up with a good decent of art.

anyhoo- that's it- hope to get the studio wall seams caulked so i can paint so i can move art stuff there before thanksgiving so i can have my table back for turkey. and saturday i have to take some photos for a friend, anniversary dinner, then hanging day sunday at the gallery. um, yeah, busy weekend. oh, and start cleaning the house because my very good friend fay will be here in a few weeks- yay!

so maybe not so much art. but i did sign up for art every day month which i found a lot of fun & a great way to focus last year. might be a doodle a day or a photo a day, but it will be something!



Sabine - Buenos Aires said...

I have a dog just like yours! His name is Tago.
Cool work, see you in November. :)

Barb said...

I shouldn't be surprised, but I still find it amazing when I see your start and then see the finish. I would not put the two together! Hope your weekend is going well Marianne.

LynnF said...

I think the evolution of this piece is fantastic...I appreciate your description of how you accomplished it. It's just wonderful! The layers, colors, images...Standing O from me!