Monday, September 27, 2010

wow! a whole week missing-

off to orlando last monday

it was a busy week of meetings. we did have some fun too- did a service project one afternoon, which was great, and wrigley took us all to harry potter world on thursday night- it was a blast! the attraction is just amazing- just what i pictured from reading the books, the roller coasters & virtual reality rides were a blast- and there were no lines to deal with!

home friday afternoon, off to scottsdale saturday. marriott points gaining us a nice room at the mariott camelback resort. unseasonably warm, but who cares? we spent 2 days hanging at the pool. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

tom petty cancelled, but we had a lovely time anyway, and i managed to get some decent photos with the small camera-

short week- we're back out on friday to milwaukee for farm aid, but recharging the ole creativity is good too. read the new acrylics by rheni tauchid and got lots of ideas for when i have time...... stay tuned!


Barb said...

I'm tired just reading of your ramblings! I'm in city waiting for guests tomorrow and then off to Albuquerque for Balloon Festival. I love those B & W cactus. What's the blue with swirls and droplets? Also find the wood very interesting in texture.

marianne said...

thanks barb! look forward to balloon festival photos! i love the sculptural quality of cactus, and for some reason am always drawn to making those photos b&w- glad you like them. the blue is me and my mk-proof olympus stylus- somehow took a photo when i jumped in the pool & liked the effect :)

Diane said...

Love your pics, Marianne & so sorry to hear TOm Petty canceled. That simply sucks!

marianne said...

thanks diane! well, i've seen shows where they played sick and i think i'd rather have them cancel. and it was doctor's orders. sadly it's rescheduled next week, so we'll miss him this year. but it would be something like the 8th time for me to see him :)