Wednesday, September 8, 2010


willie nelson was wonderful! hard to believe the man is 77 years old! he plays an amazing guitar and sounds as good as ever. and it was a beautiful night and we had great seats. again, an amazing artist who obviously loves performing.

i have been trying to finish something to take in to the gallery to replace the one i sold friday. this is 5x7 and needs a name. something clever like flower.

i don't know what to do with this. it's icky. i guess i'll look at it for a few days & see what occurs. i can always add layers!

and that's it for now. plan to hit the art making hard this weekend, need to generate some backup work (which is a good thing!)


Barb said...

Willie! I've seen him a couple times and he sure can put on a show - he just sings and plays forever. Call the painting Flower Song.

Diane said...

Love the flower piece but I think the bottom one is far from icky! I am seeing some great potential here. I think it will turn out mysteriously beautiful!
Glad you enjoyed Willie!