Sunday, September 12, 2010

sunday, a day of rest?

started the day with a nice hike with margie & the dogs. the little dog, murphy, made it 3 miles before we had to carry her, which was great. she also did a good job sticking around. and is now snoozing.

got the second coat of paint finished up. this is the alley side of the studio. the trim will be cream colored. matches the house.

and started on insulation- which requires long sleeves & it was way too hot to do more.

steve got lots done- finished wiring, got the soffets up. more work for the painter!

i realized i need 32 more horizontal inches to swap out in october- and i need to finish this week, b/c i will be in florida all of next week, then phoenix for the weekend, then off to milwaukee the following friday for that weekend. yikes!

so......another 5x7

8x10 started  
(that's only 13 inches! i put gesso on a 10x10 too, and will have to start another)

this is closer to done- added the map transfer on the left
i did a few more layers of color here, which tied everything together & i think it's done

this is very close to complete too. added blue in the sky & punched up some reds & blues. i think a bit of white in the sky as well- and maybe around the crow- and we might be good.

and that's it for now! stay tuned- lots more to come this week (there better be anyway!). have a great week everyone!


Diane said...

Great picture of the dogs. I can't believe your studio has come along so fast. You must be so excited to settle in there. Love your all of your pieces you posted. I knew that bottom one was going to be gorgeou & I really do love it. I am very partial to the top one also.

marianne said...

thanks diane! happy monday!