Monday, September 13, 2010


i got the windows all caulked in on the studio. i'll be snug as a bug in a rug! now i get to paint trim & touch up the body color. beats hanging insulation!

ok, this is done (i'm pretty sure :)). thanks again to diane for the encouragement- i really had a hard time seeing it getting better. i kept calling it sanctuary even tho, as anne said, it looked sort of ominous. but then i got out ted steven's animal speak & looked up crow and lo and behold "the secret magic of creation is calling";"black is the maternal color, the black night giving birth to a new day"; and crows are associated with watchfulness. it never ceases to amaze me where things take me and what connections are there if i look.

sanctuary 6x6 mixed media

i think this is done, too.

the key 6x6 mixed media

i wish i had run the bronze on the left of this too before adding the transfer. the right & left sides look disconnected, or maybe just too evenly split vertically. i'll use some spray var to protect the transfer (learned THAT lesson the hard way!), then a layer of gloss gel medium, then something to better connect the sides. i do like the direction it's headed, tho.

murphy had a pretty tough night. not sure how it works that one side levitates when a person gets within 5 feet- works that way with the bouve too, even tho they appear to be sound asleep. go figure :)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

That dog is a DOLL!!! That I should be that comfy.... LOL!!!
Love the paintings...still like the one with the key and crown.
Congrats on all the work on the studio--and--making art too. :)


becky said...

I love the "sanctuary," just beautiful! Oh, lucky you to have your studio finished. It is a dream of mine to have one one day (but i'll have to figure out the first step of acquiring an actual home LOL!)
Murphy looks like a stuffed animal !

marianne said...

thanks ladies! becky- the studio still has a way to go- the inside isn't anywhere near done, but we are making progress!

Barb said...

Murphy looks like a well-loved Teddy bear! That house pic has transformed so much, I don't even recognize it.

Sandy Coleman said...

I love the texture of these pieces.