Tuesday, September 28, 2010


between rheni tauchid's the new acrylics & patty brady's rethinking acrylic i am in experimentation mode. lots of wonderful technical info as well as ideas for using various mediums & types of acrylic paint. lots of texture & layers. oh boy!

smudged some modeling paste & stucco paste on this & followed with a glaze of quincadrone nickel azo. loving the warm color & emerging texture.

i've been wanting to try this for a while- make a skin to (hopefully) print on. the tauchid book has a great skin from mesh wire (will try that too) and i thought that this cloth might be interesting.

put a garbage bag ( hopefully a non stick surface) on a cookie sheet & poured out the self leveling gel.

then dribs & drabs of liquid acrylic, acrylic ink & some other water soluble ink. i knew this stuff would come in handy some day!

and used various implements (toothpick, palette knife, skewer, color shaper) to move the color around. i had originally planned to let this dry clear, just the gel & cloth, then went to a few dots for interest & ended up here. it'll be interesting- and if it's too busy there's always the other side. if it peels off. we'll see!

and that was tonight's fun. can't wait to see where it goes next!

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

It should peel off---I hope it does because I have been reading about doing that and wondered how it would work, and then how to *use* it.
I shall be watching for updates!