Thursday, September 16, 2010

ay yi yi!

so much to do, running out of time! good thing i have dogs around to remind me to exercise & play....

one more done....... still need 22 inches. it's supposed to rain sunday, hopefully i can make progress on that. and pack.

lean on me 7x5 mixed media

steve got the door hung last night- he had to do it from scratch b/c i wanted it to swing out to give more room inside. he also had to trim 4 inches off the bottom so it would fit the studio. did a great job all of the way around- it swings nicely & closes tight. he trimmed it out tonight.

i got 3/4 of the trim painted. it'll all need another coat, and then i'll have to go back witrh the green & touch up sloppy edges & drips- i am NOT a neat painter. oh well :)

that's it for now! busy busy...... hopefully there are some ideas incubating that will enable me to crank some art out on sunday.


Diane said...

Looks great, Marianne!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Studio is coming along great! I do not know how you are doing all this at once.....the dog photo is a hoot! I think that says it all--COME PLAY!
HAve a good one--enjoy making the art!


Barb said...

My shoulders are jiving with your Cat Stevens and it's after 11PM here - too late for me to be up reading blogs! The progress Steve has made is awesome - it's a good example for you (hint, hint...). Hope it rains for you on Sunday!