Sunday, August 22, 2010


saturday was tour de fat, a celebration of bikes sponsored by new belgium brewing. this year's theme was togas and tutus. since i love dressing up, i put together a costume (as did pam & nancy- yes, the tuesday art crew ). and husband donned a toga.

this event is big fun- the organizers bring music and vaudeville- type entertainment, everyone is wearing some sort of costume, there's beer & it's a fundraiser for the local mountain bike club, which uses the money to build & maintain trails (among other things). no art done on saturday, but it was fun hanging out & laughing with our friends.

steve and his sons started the studio today- woo hoo!

at the end of the day, the floor is done & one wall framed out...... great progress!

and a little bit o' art. since anne (thank you thank you!) bought the lov kills piece i am back to needing another completed piece for the gallery next weekend.

i put gesso on this and ended up wiping it off & painting back over the red to brighten it- this one just doesn't want that muted look. what are you going to do? got to listen to what the work tells you! raven will be transferred on, think i will wait to see what else it needs first.

and some more work on these

and that's it.... off to bed to get ready for the coming week.

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I don't know how Imissed this post other than I am on *Bug-Alert* at my blog.....(AAAAHHHHHH!!!!)
Yay rah on the studio, LUV the red wig and sorry I was such a PITA for buying the one piece...heehee!!!! ;D
Next week I'll be back to abnormal or just completely at my wits end and take a few days off to sit in the corner and drool and talk to myself.
I am soooo pumped on getting a piece of your work! Yeah!