Saturday, August 7, 2010


it is so nice to be home! and i got to play around some this afternoon. the magnets seem to be selling at the gallery, so i started in on more of those

i've been looking at this one thinking about how to proceed. stenciled on the 3 and then washed most of it back off, gessoed over much of the bottom to try to blend the edge of the element on the right, added the smaller "raven" with press on letters & printed the flying silhouette on a transparency to see if i want to transfer it. i think it works.

i need something to tie the 2 bottom quardrants. not sure what, tho. maybe something red.....

i was trying hard not to mess with this one, as i thought it worked pretty well & that i needed to be ok with something minimal & clean. but i got out the sharpie & drew iht flower anyway (after much deliberation, which is unusual for me) and i think it's done now.

then we went to see salt- which was an entertaining action flick, just as expected. more art tomorrow:)

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