Tuesday, August 10, 2010

more small canvases

a few more magnets to be...... turns out i sold 2 on first thursday, along with one of the 6x6 heart canvases- yay!





and some work on this-

i wasn't very inspired, but it's heading in a good direction- need to figure out how i want to paint the texture.

tickets to see chris isaak tomorrow night, hopefully no thunderstorms!


Sue said...

Love your art and music. I have found a lot of new music from your playlist...and found playlist besides. Like it better than pandora.
The last piece with what looks like a hamsa really attracts my eye.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oooooo......Chris Isaak!!!
We're having the thunderstorms now, so maybe you won't have them!
I love the one with the barnswallows but then, what a bird freak am I anyway! ;)
Have fun!!!


Robin said...

Ooooh love Surrender..!..just great

marianne said...

thanks all of you! sue- wasn't familiar with a hamsa, but i love the concept of keeping the evil eye at bay... anne, thinking of you at the show- it rocked!.....robin- thanks- i love it too- want to put "but don't give yourself away" there somewhere...