Tuesday, August 31, 2010

more beginnings

got 3 sides of the studio painted this evening! and steve is still out there putting shingles on. so no art.

 but i did get to thinking about the origins of the mixed media pieces. i did these in 2004.

i went to class one evening & told kathy i needed to do something different. she had been working with pieces of photo paper glued to canvas, creating faces from the pieces of pictures, then painting over them. (i just googled kathy to see if i could show you some of her work and i didn't find any, but i did find this article about me that was in the idaho statesman in 2007, that explains some about kathy and about gypsy gallery.) i had images of seeds that i had scanned, and in talking came up with the idea to glue them to canvas & see what happened.

these are the results. alkyd, ink, assorted other stuff (seeds, rose petals, like that)


i still like them! i hope that the people who on them do too- they sold from a now defunct gallery and i believe that most of them sold in groups of 3 or 4 (they were 8x8 canvasses).

maybe another trip down memory lane tomorrow, as i have more studio painting to do. though after reading that article you may be sick of me for a while! :)

murphy is settling in nicely, we just need to work on her relationship with the cat a bit.

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