Thursday, August 12, 2010

a long process

thought it might be interesting to look back at the evolution of this piece, which is still in process. it started on may 25. now i know where that t in the lower left corner came from! (but i jump ahead)

for a while i worked it regularly, adding things

and then covering them up

and adding more

and covering up

what was i thinking? this is june 14, and the image is a transfer. i didn't wait for it to dry and when i put medium over it the black ink smeared and muddied up the color in the upper left corner. plus it's just too dark and heavy.

so i found another image to fill the spot, but the color is still muddy & the black at the bottom needs to be balanced.
so i made it busier and then gave up for a month and a half. kept it around, hung it up & looked at it, couldn't make it work for me-

so i finally decided to sand off the muddy color & try to improve that corner. i quickly realized that the bottom layer of paper wasn't well adhered & started peeling until i ended up with this, solving both the muddy and the busy issues. i love the layers & feeling of peeling back & excavating. (see the t in the lower right corner?)

tonight i added some paper & some crackle medium. the heart is a maybe, not adhered.

i'm enjoying the process on this one, and learning quite a bit too. be fun to see where it ends up!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love what the sanding down did---that pulled it more together than I would have guessed.
I really like the white *heartish* shape on the left....
BTW, DH was duly impressed with the Chris Isaac concert! ;)


Barb said...

OH - where did the words Gone Long go????? I leave for a a week, and you've changed everything. My head is spinning.

Susan Sager Brown said...

oh Marianne, I love seeing your process! I am not crazy, you do the back and forth too!! teehee
So glad Bob was good, sounds like a Bluesy lineup, you lucky girl! I'm moving to Boise, you go to some great concerts!! xoS