Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a little tweaking.....

i just thought this needed..... something..... especially in the upper right hand corner (despite calling it damn near done last night)

so i stamped circles with titan white & cad red (and threw in another pop of intereference blue). circles courtsey of a plastic gear i picked up somewhere.

but then it looked too busy so i sanded and knocked it back with gesso and the restencilled the white flower. and i like it better. i should probably really stop now. after i restencil the red flowers too :)

and while i was in gesso-ing over & stamping circles mode.....

do you ever notice how things seem to go in runs ( in the sense of cards) without conscious thought? i now have 3 of these square canvasses in a similar color, circle, distressed look. here's the other one.

yeah, yeah, i do the fleurs & ravens all of the time, but the colors are new, as is the more opaque layered look. fun stuff. wonder where my mind has been?

time to go dream of more art.......


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I find that my work/ideas all seem to link for a while. I suppose it is, in art-speak, working the series thing.
All the ideas cannot come out on one canvas--they need more than one!
Love what is going on BTW!


Barb said...

I didn't notice before that the skull has hearts for eyes and nose. Did you add the LOV Kills or was it there before? I'll go back and look. Interesting!